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Does Udongein dream of red-eyed rabbits?

Udonge! Let me show you the true power of rabbits! 2-on-2, in the Eientei bamboo thicket! Bring a friend.

-Bamboo and rabbit

I guess I kind of burnt myself out last time, so after taking a few days off from the game and re-stabilizing my sleep schedule, I'm back with some sidequests. Unlike the earlier sidequests, these should be pretty short. I mean it this time! Actually short. I hope.

As the description implies, this quest is a challenge for Reisen issued by a piece of bamboo and a rabbit. Seriously. Well, they are pretty sinister looking.

They're located in the bamboo thicket section of Stage 9, which as noted before requires me to split my party to enter. Luckily, when it's one 2-on-2 and one of the characters is pre-determined, that's not much of a problem. I just put Remilia in because why not? Who needs healing? Not me, that's for sure.

Oddly enough, there were some unopened item boxes in the area. Not new ones from the expansion, but old ones from the first time around. Maybe that's why this guy has so few weapons: he didn't even bother opening all the item boxes. Where's your love of exploration and adventure, Mr. Save-file-guy? There's more to life than grinding you know. Live for the moment!

As expected, the boss fight is designed to make use of Reisen's unique talents. The rabbit is weak against statuses, so I just put him to sleep. The bamboo is much more dangerous, as it's strong against physical attacks and can buff its stats. When buffed, it'll kill both of my characters in one hit, and even has enough hit to get Remilia. It's a big buff. Fortunately, Reisen has her Dispel Shot. Unfortunately, I hadn't allocated Growth to it for the first attempt, so they killed me.

The second time around I hadn't thoroughly read the description and didn't realize that it only applies to normal attacks, so I died again.

Third time's the charm. The bamboo also gets put to sleep so the whole thing became irrelevant. Reisen can shoot sleeping enemies without waking them up, so Remilia just went on standby while Reisen took care of it herself. Simple, simple. Reisen also showed her true colors and did an 8000 damage hit with one of her bonus damage abilities. Nice, I knew she had it in her. This fight was what I dreamed of back when I got her. This feels more like an Eigen Plot than an actual demonstration of usefulness though.

The rabbit dropped an item in addition to the quest reward. Do these guys have higher drop rates than usual?

And that was that. Short, right?


Although admittedly also kind of pointless.
Clarste 14th Jan 11
Nice to see that this is still ongoing
Hylarn 14th Jan 11
That was short!

And... and something else.

I'm not sure whether that quest was ridiculous or awesome ridiculous.

Excuse me while I emphasize a word.
Fawriel 15th Jan 11