Ithilion The Brave tests his courage! Let's Play Fatal Frame!

Ithilion The Brave

Curse you, puzzle!

Behold, as I repeat things I did earlier in the video because of the time gap involved between the first few minutes and the rest of it! Also behold as I fumble around with the number puzzle on account of not being able to read Japanese!

And now, on with the files!

Strangling Ritual Text on Old Scroll. The Strangling Ritual

"On the 13th day of the 12th month, a maiden, cut off from the outside world for 3669 long days, shall be torn apart to provide power to the rope."

Red Notebook Scrap Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 4 - The kimono woman's name

"September 11th, 6:30 am I saw that woman in the white kimono again. She's trying to tell me something. She knows I have this special sense for ghostly things... The woman's name is... Kirie. So, it's Kirie, huh?

I shouldn't get any closer than this. I don't want to get any closer... I'm scared."

Black Notebook Scrap Novelist Takamine's Notes 2 - Finding editor Ogata's body

"September 13th, 9:30 am We found Ogata's body. His head, hands and feet were strangled off... What happened to him is just like the strange deaths that occurred here long ago. There was a photo of Ogata near him. In it, there was something that looked like ropes on his neck, arms, and legs.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the Rope Shrine Maidens in the legends around here, the girls that had ropes tied to their neck, arms and legs, too...?

September 13th, 12:10 pm Tomoe is acting strangely. She's been mumbling nonsense all morning. Something about ropes... And mirrors... I can't blame her for going to pieces, though, after seeing what happened to Ogata."

Five Stones Document Text on Old Scroll. The five stones

"Give thanks to the five gods' protection.

Place the stone, representing the five mirrors, in the correct location."

Old News Article "Taken by Ghosts? Four Children Missing"

"On the night of 3rd, the police received a report that four children failed to return home after 9pm. There is an old superstition in the surrounding villages about children being snatched away by ghosts, and some villagers indeed suspect that this is what has happened to the four kids."

Old Diary Scrap Folklorist's Diary 1 - Moving to Himuro Mansion

"May 20th We've finally gotten through the move to Himuro Mansion. I had a hard time cutting through all the red tape with the local officians. But, just as I'd hoped, the air is fresh here! It should be good for Yae in her poor health.

My daughter Mikoto seems to like this area, too. She's made friends here already, and is enjoying herself. Yae seems to think this old mansion is spooky, but I plan to do some work on it. Make it easier for her to live in. (One I get settled in my research.)

The best thing about living here is that I don't have to go out to do my research. It's all here in this mansion. I can be right by Yae's side all of the time."