Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 33: Hallelujah!

Hopefully, yes, it will be fun. And T Ko L is a cakewalk compared to this game. It's on the Game Boy Advance, if you're curious.

Barbas Dud Goose- 35 years old: A commander of the Dark Knights. Born in a remote region of Bowmath. The most cold-blooded and blood-loving man of the seven Roslolian commanders. He was nearly executed for beating his boss to death when Lans Tartare saved him.

I'm so naming my son "Dud Goose."

With Kachua in my party, she'll be replacing both Basha and Olivia, so Basha's out. I keep her with Heal+ and Vitalize, but I also give her Exorcism; now Presance can stay as a warlock.

I train Kachua to level 30 and go back to Fiduc.

Our new not-whiny-anymore sister Kachua has a meeting with Liberation officials.

"I thank you for saving me," she says, all official now. "I will never forget Bacrum's loyalty and hard work."

"I thank you for your kind words," Moruba says.

"I pray that the war will end as soon as possible. To achieve this, you need Liveblog. I expect great things from you."

"We offer our lives to you, your highness," Moruba responds. "Your highness, please wait at Fiduc Castle and..."

"Moruba!" Kachua interrupts. "Valeria is in jeopardy! As queen, I just can't sit back and watch my loyal followers risk their lives in battle! I shall join the front lines. To prove that I am a true leader."

"But..." Moruba insists.

"Do not worry about me."

"Yes, your highness."

"Now, what is the situation on the front line?"

Orcus responds, "The Bacrum Army is moving, but there is no sign of the Roslolians. It seems like Lodis abandoned them."

"Then this will be the final battle. Let us take back the city of Heigm that my late father Dolgare had built. This shall be the end of the war!"

"Get the troops ready!" Orcus shouts. Everyone leaves.

"How did I do? Did I do OK?" Kachua asks once she's alone with Moruba and Orcus.

"You have done well, Kachua," Orcus mutters. "Father would have been proud."

"I feel awkward..."

"Don't worry. You'll get used to it..." Moruba assures her.

"Do you think so?"

"I still think you should stay in the castle. It's better that you..." Orcus tells her.

"I told you already, I am not doing that. I don't want to be treated like a goddess, I'm just like everyone else. And if I get in danger, I know you'll help me. Right?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"Really, Orcus?"

"The late king also loved to be in the front... it must be in the blood..." Moruba reasons.

"That's right! The king's spirit will protect me."

"Promise me that you won't do anything crazy."

"I promise."

The scene fades out into the map screen.

Before we begin our trek to Heigm, let's do some sidequests.

Warren Report Updates

Queen's Rescue

The Walsta Liberation Army attacked Banisha Castle. They obtained information Queen Bernarta was kidnapped by the Dark Knights. The Liberation Army won and saved the queen. The Dark Knights claimed the Liberation Army has taken the queen hostage and are going to use her as a tool to rule Valeria. The queen denies these accusations.

Even after we beat them, that motherfucker Lans Tartare is causing trouble for us.

Lost Dragon Magic

There was a giant civilization in ancient Bolsenia era. This was the era when humanity had not yet developed any civilization. On the Zeteginea continent and the surrounding region, it is said there was a major one established by ancient dragon people. The magic we have know is considered to be descended from this civilization. However, most of the knowledge and techniques have vanished when they became extinct. Occasionally, spell books have been discovered in ancient ruins.

Ramzen wreckage

The salvage of the trading ship Lamzen started yesterday. The ship Lamzen was hit by a storm and was sunk 20 miles from Reaget Island. The ship Lamzen is the trading ship from Balbauda continent. The crew were Balbaudian. Luckily, most of the crew were rescued, but the cargo is still under the sea. It is said that the salvage operation is under the command of the Dark Knights.

A new location, Grimby City opens.

A gunner is confronted by Martym.

"Why don't you just tell us where the where the damn thing is!" Martym shouts.

"I'm trying to tell you, a thief stole it! I honestly don't know where it is!" the gunner Rendal shouts back.

"Do you really think I'm that stupid?! Where is it?!"

"I swear, we really don't know! We have no intention of fighting against you, either!"

"Dear God almighty! This bastard is lying! They have stolen our precious treasure. Lord have mercy on these pathetic souls! Oh, are you telling me to pass judgment on him? I shall obey my lord, I will pass judgment on him on your behalf!! Kill him!"

We arrive. "Wait, Martym!! Leave him alone!"

"Oh, no. Here comes Mr. Hero. I never have any fun."

"Help me!" Rendal shouts.

"I've had enough! You are going to Hell for that, kid!!"

Yeah, this is a rescue mission.

Here I am back from doing this. Guess how many tries it took.









HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! The AI wasn't suicidal! It realized Martym was way too strong for it! Rendal was smart! He ran towards us! The mission was easy! No 50-something tries, no reloading, no ragequits, no swearing! A simple clean mission! I got great loot from the enemies, like a comet whip and a granite and ice sword! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! -breaks down in tears of joy-

-clears throat-

Well, anyway, Martym predictably escapes.

Inside a house, Rendal thanks Orcus for saving him. Orcus asks him what Martym was up to, and Rendal asks Orcus if he has ever heard of a "gun." Orcus mentions the gun that Barbas pulled out in the battle at Banisha Castle, and Rendal tells him that another one was found on a wrecked ship. The salvage of the ship was under the supervision of the Dark Knights, whose sole purpose was to get the gun. When the gun was stolen by a thief, Rendal was blamed for its disappearance. Orcus says he understands, and Rendal asks Orcus to let him join the Liberation Army. It is not safe for Rendal to stay in Grimby City anymore, since the Dark Knights could come back at any time. Furthermore, the last thing the Roslolians want is for Rendal, a man who knows the workings of guns, to join the Liberation Army. Orcus welcomes Rendal to the Liberation Army, and says that they will fight together for the future of Valeria.

We can now make our character into gunners.

Meet Rendal. He doesn't have a gun right now, but once we get back to the map screen I give him that one we got from the Barbas battle.

I'm going to be replacing Area with Rendal. While Area edges out by around 5 points in her ranged skill, Rendal's gun has no range and can shoot anyone on the map as long as his shot isn't blocked by terrain, so I think it's worth it. Sorry, Area, you've been with us since the beginning, I even named part 4 after your ridiculous name, but you're out of Liveblog.

I give Bruno the granite sword, Belgger the ice sword, and Haborym the left over fire sword.

Warren Report Updates

Thief in Nimuraba

Thieves have been stealing trading products from Grimby. Grimby is a major trading town on Reaget Island. The town itself is built like a fortress to prevent thieves from getting in. There are no public roads that lead into the town. But now thieves are coming into town from the sky. There is information that the thieves are hiding in Nimurada forest.

Look, it's our old buddy.

"You are the kid that I saw before!! Why are you here?!"

"I never thought I'd meet you again. I didn't know that you were the thief of Grimby."

"I lost my precious friends...all because of you!" He summons Belda Jr. and Obda Jr. "Let's go guys! Come out! It's time to fight!" Some lizard men and other animals come out. "This will be your grave!!"

You can recruit Ganb and get the best gun in the game, but only if you avoid killing the griffins. So I suggest you go straight for Ganb.

"Sorry Junior... I think I'm dying... Orcus of Griate, I will surrender to you. You can torture me, kill me, hang me...! But please don't kill my kids! They're innocent! I'm the bad guy! I deserve to die! But please don't kill my kids!" D'aaaaw. That's sweet, in a very weird way.

"Do you speak the truth, Ganb?!"

"I'm a man of my word!"

"...Very well. You have a good master, Junior! Ganb, you will be a member of the Liberation Army now! You are very compassionate toward your animals."

"What?! You are making me a member??? Ha, ha, ha! You're funny! I tried to kill you once! How can you accept a person that tried to murder you?"

"You are also a victim of the war! You were merely being used by the Cardinal! But from now on, you have to think and choose how to use your ability."

"You're treating me like an ordinary man...? ...Thank you."

Welcome Ganb, Belda Jr., and Obda Jr. They're pretty good griffins, and Ganb is a decent fighter, but I did this mainly for the rifle and the water orb. I give the rifle to Rendal, elevating him to around Aloser's ranged skill.

Next time: Some Hell Gate-ing. How fun.

The new intro looks pretty cool, as does this and this. I hope you'll buy it, Endark.