Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Hell Gate

Before we fight the Dark Knights at Banisha, it's time for some miscellaneous junk.

Warren Report Updates

There are four new miscellaneous news reports; Alliance, Take Action!, Freak Explosion, and Ogre Battle Legend. "Freak Explosion" is really important, so I'll save that one for last.


The High Priest Moruba used to be the most powerful leader of the Filaha Order in the Dolgare Era. After he lost the political power struggle against Branta, he left the capital and engaged in evangelical activities. Recently, a report showed that Moruba showed his report towards the Walsta Liberation Army. It can be said that Moruba's trust will boost the popularity of the Liberation Army.

Take Action!

The Walsta Liberation Army started to march into Yomlahada Valley which is on the border of Banisha and Fiduc. Bacrum sent a huge number of troops from Heigm upon hearing the news. However, there are no Roslolians among them. This gave credence to the rumor that the relationship between Branta and the Dark Knights had ended. The war between Bacrum and the Liberation Army is about to begin.

Ogre Battle Legend

Time for a really long but a really important one.

A long time ago, Humans and Ogres fought over who would control the earth. The Human asked for the support of the gods who ruled heaven and the Ogres asked for the help of the demons who ruled the dark world. However, the humans were physically weak and were almost destroyed by the Ogres... then there were three High Knights and twelve Wise Men who descended from the heavens. They sealed the Chaos gate which connects the dark world and the earth. They successfully sealed away the power the demons were giving to the Ogres. Suddenly, the tide of war had turned in the human's favor and they eventually won the war. Thus earth was given to the humans and their civilization has lasted 'till this day. After the battle, the three High Knights went back to the heavens and the twelve Wise Men passed their knowledge to the humans. However, the anxiety was still there. Before the Ogres were imprisoned in the dark world, they had prophesized that there would be another Ogre Battle. The humans expressed their concern and one of the three Knights left his holy sword Brunhild behind so the humans could call upon them if the worse were to arise... whoever possesses the sword would be able to communicate with the gods. And at the same time, it can be a tool to go back and forth between the heavens and the dark world. The humans treasured the sword and decided to hide the sword, until the day of the next Ogre Battle...

Dear god, remember this. Also, it confuses me why the game refuses to say hell in this scene, although right after that they call an area the Hell Gate...

Time for the really important one...

Freak Explosion

A mysterious explosion happened on Ekshita Island, which is located northwest of Valeria. Ekshita Island is well known for the "Hell Gate" which is located there. Many people went there to obtain it's hidden treasure, but many never came back. Sources say the explosion was the result of a magical experiment that took place inside the palace.

Once we exit the Report... look at all the new battles.

Yep, Hell Gate is the bonus dungeon of this game. There's quite a lot of stuff to it. I'm probably not going to explain very much of it, and do most of my adventures in it off screen (I'll just mention interesting battles), as I'm already devoting much of my time to this LB and trying to explain the Hell Gate could take ages, so just go here.

Oh, and by the way:

Tristan Zenobia- 29 Years Old: King of the Zenobia Kingdom. Zenobian. One of the main revolutionaries who destroyed the Zeteginea Empire. After the revolution,he reigned the country. He is loved by the people. He sent his five Holy Knights over to Valeria.

There are a bunch of easy battles before you can get to Hell Gate. Before I enter, I train everyone to level 29.

We are confronted by a shaman. "I never thought I'd meet you here. Did you come here to find the Dragon Magic? Not good, not good. Now that I don't have the help of the Dark Knights, I'm not going to risk my life by giving you the Dragon Magic. If I kill you, then there will be no reason to hide in this filthy dungeon. This Hell Gate will be your grave, little boy."

This battle is really, really easy. You have the high ground and most of the enemies are mages, making them extremely vulnerable. Watch out, the warlock has Petrify. As long as your healer with Vitalize is okay, you'll be fine. If she's petrified too, however...

"You will never...make it to...the deepest...part...of...Hell Gate..."

We get a bunch of Goth, a warp ring, and an evil robe.

Once you beat a map, you are given the option to keep going or retreat. I choose to keep going.

"This is creepy..." we mutter in the next room.

Whoah, who are you?

"I am doomed!!" the warlock Radlum shouts.

"Let's go! We are going to rescue him!!" Orcus shouts. Why?

So yeah, this is another rescue mission. And once again, the AI is retarded.

So, I tried to save him. 27 times. I honestly tried as hard as I could. But after all that time, I said, "fuck Radlum. Fuck him up his fugly warlock ass." Our army is very powerful. We don't need another NPC. Fuck him. I'm not going through another 50 something tries just to get an NPC. My god, I hate these rescue missions. This shit makes saving Rafa look like a cakewalk.

Man. I hate these rescue missions.

Let's go to Hell Gate 3B.

Orcus walks further in.

"Who the hell made this spooky dungeon?" Orcus asks.

Whoah, who is this? "Why are you here?" she asks.

"Why are you here?! ...Did you come here by yourself?"

"No. Everyone died. They turned into stone."


"Do you see those statues nearby?"

"Y, you mean these are..."

"Yes. They were turned into statues. The guardian of the shrine put a curse on them which turned them into statues. Everyone here was once human."

"Why have they been turned into stone?!"

"This shrine is a sacred place...only disciples of Asmodeus are allowed here."

"Who are you......?"

"My name is Zadova. And now you are going to be turned into stone!!!" She reveals her true form.

"What?! Are you the guardian of this shrine?!"

"Stupid human!! You have come to destroy the shrine! You shall be turned to stone!"

I won't lie. This battle is ball-bustingly hard. The gorgan has a special attack that can paralyze all your units if you don't fit certain requirements. And it has a bow too. This battle wouldn't be so hard if it weren't for the fact there's a special tile you have to step on to activate a secret door before you can end the fight; if you kill the boss before you step on the secret tile, you are transported out of Hell Gate.

Zadova: It's alright...the more you crave the power, the closer you are to following the dark side... Go ahead...step over my body and pursue the dark path...

I'm going to retreat for now. I'm in way too horrible a condition for this next battle. Too bad, it had an old friend in it.

Next time: more Hell Gate. Hey, it isn't fun, but it's essential.