Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 29: The Ideals Of Lodis

"The news of Fiduc Castle's liberation has immediately spread, surprising the Bacrum population. Especially, the fact that the leader of the enemy was a 16-year old kid was even more amazing. They were disappointed to see how Branta was not trustworthy. The Dark Knights' defeat was also unexpected.

But the biggest news was that the daughter of the late King Dolgare was alive. The discovery of King Dolgare's daughter, Kachua, brought hope to the people. They hope she will be the savior of the world and bring peace. People are getting tired of the war. Lans Tartare, a delegate of Lodis, accepted Kachua as the legal successor to the Valerian King and claimed that the struggle for power has ended. Lans' statement made it clear that the cause of the war was triggered by a few selfish men craving to rule the island and it was not caused by different ethnicity nor ideologies.

But the people who agreed to what Lans was saying were mainly aristocrats and it did not stop the Anti-Bacrum movement from spreading throughout the island. The Valerian War is no longer an ethnic war. It was a war between the ruler and the peasants. It was a war for freedom..."

Oh boy... Lans Tartare is now meeting with the man who cut out his eye in a room where he can do anything.

By the way, the music is completely silent save for some dripping.

"Hmm... I'm surprised he's still alive... leave us!" Lans T orders the beast master. He runs out pretty quickly.

Let's take a look into the mind of Lans Tartare.

A voice outside the castle that they can hear somehow screams, "The rebellion... is... closing in... hurry to the street..."

"Do you hear that, Zenobian Knight?" Lans T asks mockingly.

Oh boy... look at Lans...


Where's his left eye?


"...It is only a matter of time before you're defeated."

"We don't care who rules Valeria. You know that, don't you?" Lans T asks.

Lans H says nothing.

"No, Roslolian... get help..." the voice outside begs. "We can't... hold them back... much..."

"...the people are getting more restless with each passing day..." Lans H mutters.

"The Bacrum people are a lower species... they can not even begin to comprehend the world around them...our ideals are too complex for them to even understand..."

"Did you ever stop and think that the policies of Lodis are the problem? Such as the use of force to enslave the people?"

"That's hard to believe, since they were the ones who wished to be ruled by force."


"Yes... look around you, how many people, who are capable of accomplishing their ideals... actually do? How many people are willing to take that risk, to sacrifice all for the sake of their ideals... tell me, how many people are willing to do that?"

Lans H says nothing.

"...Do you remember the revolution that you were a part of?" More references to Ogre Battle: March of The Black Queen. "How are your people now? Aren't they complaining and whining about their own selfish problems? They took your sacrifice for granted!"

"They are doing the best they can with what they have! They could barely support themselves..."

"No! They are being that way because being the victim is much easier. They are not complaining because they are weak. They chose to be weak so they could complain... to be weak is what they believe in."

"That is not true!" Lans H shouts defiantly. "Each person has a right to choose what life they live. They have that freedom to do so!"

"Don't you understand!? Freedom is not a right somebody gives you. Freedom is something you must actively seek and fight for. Are they willing to do that?! No! They just want to say they have freedom. They sit on their asses all day and wonder where their savior is. But none of these people are willing to be that savior!"

"People are not that lazy. They're just not as strong as we are."

This is where the creepy part comes in.

"You are so naive. People shouldn't have any of their own ideas or dreams. Their lord should give it to them."

I have a feeling Lans T would like a world ruled by Big Brother. Think about that for a minute.

"And what would that be?"

"The privilege to live!"

"How ridiculous!"

"People are inherently evil... to obtain happiness, they don't mind sacrificing other people... they don't mind killing to better their lives. And yet they feel guilty. Then they think a little bit and come up with some excuse like 'the world is doing this to me.' It is our duty to bring order in this world of chaos! We shall give those lazy people the solution. We will take care of everything!"

"Take care of what? Is oppressing the people also part of your plan to lead the people?"

"We are not oppressing them. We are simply getting rid of the disease which is corrupting the world... we have to get rid of them, before they corrupt others. You know, prevention is the best medicine."

I wonder what Lans T would do if he got a Death Note.

"There is also such a thing called the immune system...it can purify the evil within the soul."

Lans T turns away. "Are you waiting for everything to fix itself? You trust humans too much. People are always attracted toward a source of power that will keep them safe. They'll betray anyone to be safe. Kachua!"

In case you didn't notice before, Kachua is no all evil looking.

"Kachua! Why are you here?" Lans H asks.

"Allow me to introduce you, Holy Knight. She is the true successor of Valeria, the daughter of the late King Dolgare, Princess Bersalia! Just like you told me, the Bacrum reign is over. But as long as we have her in our hands, Valeria will do as we say."

"Kachua... you are... but who?" Lans H whispers in disbelief.

"I love Orcus, he was my only brother... until I found out he's not my real brother. And he has forsaken me. If I cannot have him, then I'd rather..." She runs from the room.

"It breaks my heart to say farewell to the person who took me eye..." Lans T says mockingly. "But I don't have the time or desire to torture you. So, I bid you adieu." He starts to walk out of the room.

"Wait!" Lans H shouts.

"Farewell, Knight of Zenobia," Lans T says before exiting the room.

Chapter 4: Hand In Hand

We now have a rocking new sprite.

"The queen (Kachua) hasn't shown up since the ceremony. Here whereabouts are not known even by the headquarters of Bacrum. The Cardinal has sent a a spy to find her. I guess the queen is with the Dark Knights," the ninja, a spy named Shadow, says.

We now have a cool new portrait. I guess this is supposed to show we're wise now or something.

"... I take it Branta and Lans Tartare are not getting along... also, what's the status of the Dark Knights?"

"Most of the dark Knights are stationed in Heigm. But Lans Tartare and the other high-ranking Knights are nowhere to be found."

"Hmm... I wonder why the Bacrum Army isn't attacking us? What are they up to?"

"...As for the Holy Knight you have been asking about..."

"Have you finally found something!?" Orcus says exitdedly.

"I forced a caterer to talk... our Holy Knight seems to be imprisoned in an underground jail in Heigm Castle."

"But is he alive?!"

"Unfortunately, there were too many guards over there. Even the Bacrum soldiers were not allowed in the castle. I was unable to obtain any information of his condition."

Orcus bows his head. "I see... you have done very well. Rest for awhile."

"Thank you, sir." Shadow leaves.

The wizard speaks up. His name is "Staff." Really.

Stupid Names Count: 16

"Shouldn't we go to Heigm and attack?"

"I cannot do that..." Orcus mutters. "It is dangerous to attack without finding out the true purpose of the Dark Knights..."

"Don't spend too much time thinking about it, we'll lose our chance to win. Do not forget there is a movement among the people to obey Princess Bersalia. Some soldiers are even reluctant to fight against a member of the late King Dolgare's family!"

"I haven't forgotten. In fact, it is all the more reason we should attack."

A soldier walks in. "I brought you a report, sir."

"Go ahead."

"Soldiers in Brigantes have taken hostages and barricaded themselves in the castle!!"

"What!?" Staff shouts.

"What do they want?" Orcus asks.

"Bacrum's surrender!"

"What a fool!" Staff shouts. "What have we been fighting for all this time?!"

"It must be a plot of the Filaha Order," Orcus says. "I bet there are some Filaha followers among the ranks."

"Ever since the queen was declared, the Order's influence has spread."

"...We don't have any control over that. The discovery of the queen is like the discovery of a savior. They're tired of this war. They crave security. The late King Dolgare was a true believer of the Filaha Order. just like the late king, it is natural for them to declare 'ethnic unity' and ask for the war to end."

Orcus declares his plan is to meet with the leader of the Filaha Order unarmed and alone.

We cut back to the world map.

The shop has doesn't have very much new stuff. The only notable new spell is Heal All... this will heal all characters in a map to 100%, and it has unlimited range. Only Priests can use this. I give it to Freesia, to replace Revivify; I tend to reload save states if characters die anyway. I might bring it for certain hard maps, though.

Warren Report Updates

Return on Filaha

After the death of King Dolgare, the Filaha Order is divided in two. The present leader of the Order is Branta, who deported the former leader, High Priest Moruba. However, it is Moruba's side that is growing in number. It is proof that a lot of people want Moruba back as leader of Filaha as well as Bersalia as queen.

Deneb's Store

Good news to the item freaks! A reporter found someone who sells important items such as the Wind Orb and the Holy Orb. The shop's name is 'Deneb's Shop of good Stuff.' She does not own a permanent shop and will move from town to town.

More on this later.


Liveblog, which merged with the former Walsta Liberation Army and the Gargastan Army are now having trouble within the ranks. Although Liveblog is still called the Walsta Liberation Army, it is a democratic army which claims to be anti-Bacrumese, but there are more soldiers that want to bring an end to the war.

We survived multiple bounty-hunter attacks, and then merged with two armies and became the only thing that an oppose Lodis... with ten people.

The Queen's Return

The reinstatement of Queen Bersalia's celebration was held in the Peacock room of Heigm Castle. The people who attended the ceremony were former servants of Bacrum including Branta. They all pledged their loyalty to the king. Sir Tartare was attending on behalf of Pope Sardian of Lodis country, reassuring the alliance.

Next time: we find more more about the Zenobians and meet with the Filaha Order!