Let's Play Tactics Ogre


ADDENDUM 1: Class Evaluation And Changes

I'm thinking of making the theme of Squad Liveblog Real American.

Except, you know, change American to Walstanian.


...Fuck it, that's a retarded idea.

Anyway, this is the first addendum. This is where I discuss stats and jobs not really necessary to understanding the liveblog. I recommend you read this, since class changing and coordination is a big part of LUCT, but it isn't necessary. I really should've done this earlier (I think part 5 or something was nothing but class examination), but fuck it, I don't feel like renumbering all these posts. First LB, still learning, right? Seriously, though, I hope I've improved since I started.

I look at their stats and decide to replace Delta for Hogan. This is for many reasons; first of all, Hogan came with chain mail, and I had Delta equipped with some, so getting rid of Delta frees up some chain mail.

Now is the time I'm starting to look at advanced classes for my characters. The advanced classes for each gender can be seen on the above page. It won't come for a while, sometime in chapter 3, but you should always plan ahead in a game like this.

I've run into a little problem with my clerics, or more specifically, my cleric and Penance. The advanced class for of a cleric is a priest; I can maneuver Freesia into this role, but I cannot do the same with Presance, as obviously, he's not a woman (at least I hop he's not.) If I remember, a cleric comes in the next batch of NP Cs we get, but if not, we may have to train an old unit to become a cleric. We'll see how it turns out.

Either way, I'll keep Penance trained up to our level even if I drop him. We might need to fight some undead.

I won't need to upgrade my archers. There are no advanced forms of archers.

My other units are going pretty well. Orcus and Belgger will become Terror Knights (chaotic class), Hogan will become a swordsmaster(lawful class), and Bruno will become a dragoon(neutral class), if things go well.

This is where you have to start using classes' stat bonuses to maneuver yourself to an advanced class, which just as beginning classes, have stat and alignment requirements.

The following unit assessment will assess just unit requirements and how our troops fit into them.

Unit Assessment: How Our Troops Fit

Terror Knight
  • ALI: C
  • STR: 117
  • VIT: 114
  • DEX: 104
  • KILLS: 30

Note the "Kills" section. The Terror Knight requires a certain amount of enemy unit kills. Kills in Training don't count; only kills in actual battle.

Let's see. Orcus has a strength of 90, Belgger has a strength of 84. Need some work on that, but a berzerker and beast tamer have the same strength growth so we're fine in that field. 'Kay.

I check our kills. Orcus has killed seven men, Belgger has killed... 17!? Whoah, didn't expect that. Getting the Kills mark up his probably the hardest part of getting a Terror Knight, so I'm glad Belgger has so many. Time to start relegating kills to Orcus and Belgger.

Orcus has a VIT of 79, Belgger has a VIT of 78. Whoah, need some help there. Beast tamers have better VIT growth than berzerkers. Might need to switch them to that.

Orcus has a DEX of 87, Belgger has a DEX of 82.

Okay, berzerkers and beast tamers have the same DEX growth, so the only area that one class has over the other is VIT; beast tamers. I switch Orcus and Belgger to beast tamers.


  • ALI: N
  • STR: 115
  • VIT: 106
  • DEX: 114

Bruno has a strength of 88, a VIT of 79, and a DEX of 79. He has much the same position as Belgger and Orcus. I keep him as a beast tamer.

Sword Master
  • ALI: L
  • STR: 95
  • AGI: 102
  • DEX: 126

Hogan has a STR of 87, an AGI of 74, and a DEX of 86. He's very close to that strength mark, so he only needs help in AGI and DEX. I change him to a ninja.

Let's cover some equipment. Normally I'd cover this in the normal update, but we still have lots of room, so fuck it.

I unequip Hogan's crossbow and give it to Canopus. I give Delta's chain mail to Bruno and give his hammer to Orcus. I unequip his spell, Ice Blast, and give Hogan a Thunder spell, as it's been awesome for Leon so far.

Our updated list. Forcas is in the party as a guest. Note the soldier and amazon; they're Delta and Julia, respectively. I made them low level classes to differentiate them from the middle tier classes, but I may have use of them if future plans fall through.

And that's all the planning for next time.

Next time: we actually attack the fortress! I'm not lying like I did last time, honest!