Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 9: Battles Of Swords And Ideals

I train everyone to level 6. Now all the units that couldn't change classes last level have options.

I change Orcus to a Beast Tamer, Leon to a wizard, Bruno to a berzerker, Julia to an archer, and Area to an archer.

At the store, I buy Leon a Fire Burn spell, an Acid spell, and Ice Blast. Ninjas can wield low level magic, so I give Belgger an Ice Blast.

Class Assessment: Beast Tamer, Wizard

Beast Tamer
  • HP: 9
  • MP: 0
  • STR: 7
  • VIT: 7
  • INT: 4
  • MEN: 6
  • AGI: 5
  • DEX: 6
  • Requirements:
  • ALI: C, N, L
  • STR: 45
  • VIT: 44
  • MEN: 46

I'd say the beast tamer is about as good as the berzerker. They focus a little more on attack and hitting well, while the berzerker focuses a bit more on defense. They also give benefits to ally animals within 3 panels. Really, the question of "is a berzerker or beast tamer better" depends fully on your tastes and personal preferences.

  • HP: 6
  • MP: 6
  • STR: 4
  • VIT: 3
  • INT: 8
  • MEN: 7
  • AGI: 5
  • DEX: 5
  • Requirements:
  • ALI: N, C
  • MP: 16
  • INT: 44
  • MEN: 42

This class is pretty nice to have, especially later on. They, of course, cast magic. That's pretty much it; they are weak in both attack and defense. If you make a character into a wizard, you probably want to keep him as one for the entire game.

Back To The Gameplay

Time for Gentlemanorcus to be indecisive. I change my mind and train Delta up to level 6, making him into a Beast Tamer; this is because he's the only lawful member of our team other than Voltel, who I don't like very much. I really want a swordsmaster much later on, though I'll probably be switching him out for a... very good character you get later.

Our weakest archer by a point is Sara, so she's booted off.

Now every character in our party has a class! Awesome! Just to review: Orcus is a beast tamer, Leon is a wizard, Bruno is a berzerker, Delta is a beast tamer, Belgger is a ninja, Julia is an archer, Freesia is a cleric, Area is an archer, Canopus has no class, and Presance is an Exorcist, though I have him mainly on curative duties.

The next battle is filler. Not transcribed much. Yes, Freesia the cleric just killed the boss. Awesome.

Brenzen: ...Glory... to Gargastan!!

I get 1050 Goth, 625 extra Goth, and a Phlanka axe. Once the battle ends, I give it to Orcus.

This battle has story, so I'll transcribe it.

Our position. Freesia is at 1, Belgger is at 2, Area is at 3, Bruno is at 4, Presance is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Julia is at 7, Delta is at 8, Leon is at 9, Canopus is at 10.

We see a young lady being harassed by a knight and his squad, including a dragon. He tells her to "give it up." She claims that even if she dies, her ideals will live on.

"Stubborn bitch..." says the knight, who is the boss. "Kill her!" She runs to the side of the river seen in the picture. Ryumos the boss then notices us. Leonard says she's not from the Liberation Army and wonders if she belongs to another organization. The game gives us a choice. Well, they're Gargastan, right? We're fighting Gargastan! Anyway, it will give us some extra EXP. If you selected the other choice, the game would force you to fight.

Victory Condition: Kill The Leader

No track. Sorry.

In this fight, we have to protect the girl. Well, we don't have to, but I recommend it. This is kind of like when we saved Presance, albeit a lot harder.

The battle is on an upward slope. There aren't that many enemies; a dragon, an amazon, a soldier, a witch, a knight, and an amazon; but that dragon and witch might be trouble, especially since the dragon usually goes after the girl and the AI is rarely smart enough to direct the girl to run away from it to us.

Shit. The witch stuns the girl in the first turn. Let's hope we can divert the attention of the dragon in time to keep her alive...! And then, when we start to encroach on the enemies who have surrounded the girl, she stuns Canopus. God damn it!

The girl is low on health; good thing I have a healer close by, the enemies attacking the girl aren't close enough to attack the healer, and the boss backed himself into a corner running from Leonard!

The girl is healed from stun after a certain amount of turns, and finally has the good sense to run towards us, and towards our healers. Finally.

Our healer stay in the lower left corner, keeping the girl healed, as our troops advance north. She was poisoned by the dragon, but our troops keep her protected and healed.

We trap an amazon and the witch into corners, killing them. The only ones left are the dragon and the boss.

Leonard kills the boss.

Ryumos: Am I going to die here? At least... I need to...

Ah, sweet victory.

We get 1350 Goth, a chainmail suit, a robe, and a Cure++.

She introduces herself. She says she's a warrior of the Valeria Liberation Front, saying she went to the town to get supplies. Vice is suspicious, calling them extremists. Kachua asks the obvious question, "aren't they in the same position as us?" Leonard exclaims she's a part of a right-wing rebellion that worships the late King Dolgaria, the man who united all the races as one. Kachua says she's heard about how they are fighters against Bacrum...

"That's the polite way to say it... terrorists are more like it," exclaims Leonard.

...Did you have to say that to her face?

He says they engage in activities involving innocent citizens.

Sisteena, understandably angry, claims that's propaganda spread by Branta (leader of Bacrum). She says the Front wants to go back to the days of King Dolgaria, when all the races were united as one.

"Equal!? Ha, did she say equality!?" shouts Vice. "When did we ever have equality? Maybe for the Bacrum people, it was equal alright. But for us Walstanians we were treated like shit!"

Ah, I love your gratuitous swearing, Vice.

"I never... then what are you fighting for?" she whimpers.

Orcus just wants true peace. I select 2. We say we are fighting for a world without war. Sisteena says we should fight together, as we both want the same thing.

"Don't be ridiculous," says Vice. "We can't unite with Bacrum. They're the enemy. You see, what he meant about 'true peace' was a world where the Walstanians would live without fear. We do not want a world where we have to co-exist with you terrorists! We don't need you!"

God damn it, Vice, that's not what I meant at all!

Leonard wisely tells him to shut his trap and lets Sisteena free.

"This is our war. I will not allow the Bacrum people to selfishly invade our land," Leonard tells her.

"I see. But I will not give up. We will establish a peaceful world no matter what. Someday you will realize that if you truly seek peace, then you will have to give up your selfish desires."

"Leave now and don't ever come back," snarls Leonard.

She listens and walks out of the room.

...So wait, Ronway has never used innocents in his plans? That's both noble... and a bit strange.

Next time: we meet the Roslolians and their leader, Lans Tartare!