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Let's Play Tactics Ogre

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Part 7: We Prepare To Fight Nybbas
Last time, we saved Leonard, where we were told we could either take the fight to Nybbas or return to Amorika. I chose to fight Nybbas. I got Presance, Voltel, Sara, and Leonard as a guest on our team. I'll talk about them after I train.

I train Orcus, Leon, Bruno, Belgger, Julia, Dorony, Freesia, Area, Canopus, Delta, and Presance to level 5. Voltel and Sara are already level 5.

Since we are level 5, some of us can change classes.Here's the class change screen for Orcus, the screen for Belgger, Julia, Freesia, and Presance. Sara and Voltel already have classes. Canopus cannot change classes, as he is technically and animal.

I change Orcus to a Berzerker (yes, that's how it's spelled in the game, Belgger to a ninja, and Freesia into a cleric. Voltel is a knight and Sara is an archer. Penance is an exorcist.

Time for some class assessments! Before we begin, it should be noted that unlike FFT, any class can wield any weapon. If you want a cleric to charge forth with an axe, I'd call you stupid, but the game would allow you. This offers a lot more flexibility.

There are no complicated systems like FFT's job system. So that means no duel-classing like you could there.

Every class beyond soldier and amazon has requirements. For example, let's look at the requirements of the Berzerker:

The ALI stands for Alignment. Every character has an Alignment; either Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral. Certain classes require different alignments. As you can see, if you are Lawfu, you cannot become a Berzerker. Orcus, however, is Neutral.

Here are the alignments of everyone in our squad:

Also, you need certain stats to change classes. Since different classes have different growths, you should constantly have your characters switch classes to best get the stats for a higher level class. There are some very complex statistic behind it; see the site I told you guys to go to for LUCT information if you need more info.

Boys and girls get different classes. I'll say in the class description which gender can change to that class.

Class Assessments: Berzerker, Ninja, Cleric, Knight, Archer, Exorcist



Berzerkers are a pretty good class. They have more attack than a knight and more HP. In fact, the only thing the knight is better with is DEX. They are brutally efficient and can take a lot of punishment. I'll be switching Orcus from berzerker to knight sporadically. Only men can become berzerkers.


Ninjas are very flexible. They have lots of speed and dexterity, and can also cast low level spells. However, their damage output is not that high. The ninja is a good class to switch a character to if you want to boost their DEX or AGI. Belgger will most likely become something of a glass cannon. We'll see. Only men can become ninjas.


Simply, clerics are the healers of this game. Very few classes can heal, so you should have at least two in your party. As you can see, you cannot become a cleric if you have killed more than 10 people. You have to buy healing spells in shops. Only one, though; once you buy one and teach a healer it, she'll be able to use it forever. Only girls can become clerics.


Knights are an okay class, I guess. They have better DEX and INT than berzerkers; however, they suffer in everything else. They're a bit slow, they have less endurance, and less magic resistance. They do hit better than berzerkers, however. Mediocre, but they're okay if you want to increase DEX and don't want to switch to the glass cannon ninjas. Only guys can become knights.


I'll just say this right here: archers are ridiculously overpowered. They have good attack, good HP and defense, good DEX and AGI, and most importantly, ranged weapons, which means they can attack from afar and they won't be counterattacked, even if the enemy also has a ranged weapon. Archers are amazing. You should have at least two on your team. Only girls can become archers.


Exorcists are decent. They are the only ones who can permanently kill ghouls and skeletons, and they can use low level healing spells. Only guys can become exorcists.

Back To The Gameplay

I am going to use Presance as my second healer for now; I'll do some statistic checking to see if anyone else will become clerics. I really don't want to make Julia into a cleric; she's one of our better fighters. Freesia was one of our worst, so I didn't hesitate to make her into one.

Let's talk about Voltel and Sara. I'll definitely be using Sara, as none of my amazons can become archers yet. Voltel is slow, but has a decent DEX and strength. We'll see.

Next time: we fight Nybbas!

Sorry for the boring post, but I needed to assess these jobs. The next part will be more interesting, don't worry.

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