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ITT: Gelzo sucks at MTG draft picks.

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M11 Draft.
I got bored and decided to start another. I'm only going to list the order of my picks so it doesn't take up so much time.

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

Pack 3:

In a deck, I think I'd run...

Condemn, Fling, Doom Blade, Reverberate, Thunderstrike, Mighty Leap, Fireball, Day of Judgement, Chandra's Outrage, and Lava Axe.

That's ten cards...

For creatures, Bloodcrazed Goblin, 2x Goblin Balloon Brigade, Goblin Tunneler, 2x Goblin Piker

17 Lands, including 2 swamps for Doom Blade.

I'll finish later. People are coming over to party.
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