New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Logs - September 5th-28th, 2040

September 5, 2040

A small sub was detected off the Euro-Syndicate's southwestern coast. Barracuda-One intercepted and destroyed it.

Why do they keep sending them out? They know we'll just blow them to smithereens with a well-placed DUP-Head torpedo . . .

September 7th, 2040

Today brings us a present from the Augustica Base science team - a new craft weapon. They call it the "Sonic Oscillator".

I call it "incredible".

September 9th, 2040

Yet another report from the science team - this one an autopsy of the so-called Gill Man.

It didn't tell us much more than the earlier interrogation, mostly confirming our suspicions: that the Gill Men are, in fact, an ancient race forced into symbiosis with Echo due to the same cataclysm that killed off the dinosaurs.

September 11th, 2040

Another day, another autopsy - this one of the Lobster Man.

We didn't discover anything earth-shattering, though - we'd already learned everything we needed to know from fighting the damn things.

September 13th, 2040

The science team here is cutting vast swaths through the corpses we have at Augustica Base - an effort which today yielded a most . . . disturbing report.

After reading it, I found it necessary to pay a visit to my friends Earl and Ralph.

September 14th, 2040

Another autopsy report came in today, this one on the Tentaculat.

It's pretty much what it looks like - a giant floating brain that acts much like a Chryssalid.

September 16th, 2040

I guess the science team needed to take a break from all of the autopsies; this time, their report was on an enhanced version of the sensors used by the Particle Disturbance Grenade.

They call it the Particle Disturbance Sensor. Guess what it does.

(Mind you, it could come in handy for hunting down elusive Alien terrorists . . . )

September 21st, 2040

Another small sub was caught poking around the area near Augustica Base. I had Barracuda-One shadow it. Once it was far enough away that we could be sure it wouldn't know where the submarine came from, Barracuda-One opened fire with its new Sonic Oscillators.

As expected, the enemy sub was disintegrated.

September 28th, 2040

Finally, the science team has unlocked the secrets of the weapon that blew up my Coelecanth earlier this year.

It's called the Disruptor Pulse Launcher, and it's essentially a pistol-sized version of the Blaster Bomb Launcher of the First Alien War.

Its only real drawback is that it's only useful underwater.

Still, this should make colony assaults easier: a few well-placed rounds from this thing would likely neutralize most - if not all - of the surface garrison.