New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Logs - August 31st, 2040 to Semptember 4th, 2040

August 31, 2040

Well, good news and bad news.

The good news is that we've managed to keep most of the funding organizations happy - and we've unlocked the secrets of Magnetic Navigation. This has given the research teams here at Augustica Base the idea of pairing a miniaturized magnetic-navigation system with the Ion Armour we currently have in use.

They also believe they can design a device which will allow us to intercept Alien transmissions, so that we can figure out what kind of operations Echo is planning in our seas.

The bad news is that the Australasian Conglomerate has decided to stab us in the back, and they've allowed Echo to set up a base in the South Pacific.

In light of this, I'm transferring Myst Rose, Guido Talbot, and dmboogie to Redback Base, to take charge of the garrison there.

Also, we have some new recruits arriving at Augustica Base - Brett Sinclair, Danny Wilde, and clockworkspider. They will be joining the squad assigned to Triton-One.

September 2, 2040

The science team has finished their autopsy of the whistling lizardlike alien that seems to play a key part in the garrison forces of the Alien colonies.

Liveblog/USOpedia-TasothAutopsy.png Apparently the whistle is actually a feedback squeal of some kind, as the alien itself is a cyborg.

Most curious.

September 4, 2040

A small Alien sub was sighted poking around the seas off Antarctica. I dispatched Barracuda-Three to intercept it, and the sub was downed a short time later.

In light of the unusual amount of Alien activity in the South Pacific and Antarctic seas, I've taken the liberty of stationing another Barracuda and a Triton at Redback Base. I plan to recruit more Aquanauts for the garrison team, and I've transferred additional weapons and ammunition to Redback, as well.

I'm sending Triton-Two and its nine-man team out to recover the downed Alien sub.

End log.