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Ranger Six

Commander's Log - January 31st, 2040

Commander's Log - January 31, 2040

I'm not exactly sure what happened in Bombay on the 24th - communication with the team was spotty, to say the least. I've got the technicians trying to figure out what went wrong with the comm gear, but I do know this much:

One, the team brought back quite a haul. Lots of artifacts and plenty of dead Aliens.

Two, we didn't get there in time to stop the Alien terror troops from killing several civilians, but those who survived were glad to see the X-Com troops show up.

Three, our forces were most efficient in dealing with the threat once they'd arrived; according to the report of Aquanaut Remington Steele, the squad managed to neutralize 90% of the Alien terrorists without losing a single soldier, with the end result being that the terrorist leader - of all people - dropped his weapon and ran. (Right into the waiting arms of Able Seaman Owen Harper, I might add, who had the presence of mind to whack the Eek with his Thermal Tazer.)

Unfortunately, during the hunt for the last remaining terrorist, we lost Ensign Gwen Cooper; she was shot in the back by the aforementioned Alien terrorist.

Still, the funding council is pleased with our results to date, and they've agreed to increase their funding. Not by much, I'll grant you, but it's a start.

Oh . . . now that the new hangars have been built, I've ordered the old ones demolished to make room for two sets of holding cells and two additional workshops; the scientists here have finished their designs for the first weapon based on the new Gauss Technology, which they call the Gauss Pistol, and I plan to put it into production during the coming weeks. They're already working on a more powerful (and upscaled) version which they've dubbed the Gauss Rifle, and they say that given enough time they can produce Gauss weapons suitable for both heavy-weapons troops and for mounting on our Barracudas.