Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 19: No One Understands Plantman Plus A Clip Show

  • I like how A Little Snow Fairy Sugar actually has continuity between episodes. I think it makes it significantly easier to liveblog, but I might just like shows with a lot of continuity for some reason. Anyway, I think Greta seems to have an important role in this episode. I honestly feel kind of bad for her. I mean, she is just a new student trying to fit in at her school. Yet, despite her efforts she seems to have problems impressing anyone. She does not even have minions like Phil does. I think she probably just wants to be buddies with Saga but she has trouble expressing it. I guess you could say she is a tsundere.

  • The kids seem to have to clean up the festival. Phil is not happy that he has to help pick up heavy stuff with the other boys. I guess the girls just have to tidy things up or something.

  • The girls are having a flashback to last episode. Greta points out how silly it is to be sad about the festival being over, but she does so by basically bragging about something as usual. Once again, Saga and her friends ditch her to go do something. Saga has an excuse because Sugar is wrapped up in some decorations and has gotten stuck, but I am not quite sure I understand Anne's and Norma's excuses. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I feel bad for Greta being left alone again.

  • Salt admires Plantman's cloud skills again mentioning how free clouds are. I agree, but I think being a sun fairy would be pretty interesting too. I mean you could bring warmth to people who desperately need it. By the way, Pepper helps an old lady clean up too, but what I found most interesting is that Saga and her buds notice a man seemingly arguing with the other people in the music store where Saga often plays piano. Given that he has black hair, I am guessing he is Greta's father, but I am not totally sure about that.

  • Meanwhile, Phil needs some help bringing some stuff to the lab and Saga chooses to help him out because Sugar wants to go. Anne and Norma seem a bit confused.

  • At the lab, Saga points out a birdcage that activates a flashback to when Joe the crow was chasing her for some reason before. A rocket ship reminds the duo of the flying Turtle knight episode as well. There are a good number of flashbacks in this episode. Just after I made that comment, Saga has a flashback to when Phil made that aurora borealis thing before. Oh yeah, Greta gets ditched again and this time is smacked in the head with a box of junk. Then Saga and Phil are scolded for messing around.

  • Okay, now Saga sees a poster for the bear pianist. I think this is practically a clip show at this point. Why would someone have a clip show at episode 19 though? I can understand having one near the middle or end of a series but not on episode 19 out of 24.

  • The group meets the punk fairies and that triggers another flashback to when she was separated from Saga after fighting with her. Every time Saga goes into flashback mode, Saga's pals seem to be left in the cold.

  • It works out in the end though since they all are treated to coffee. Greta appears on the scene with a spring stuck in her hair. Saga helps her take it out while Greta announces that she will be having a birthday soon. I guess that was the big announcement she had been trying to make the entire episode. Also, Saga's company talks about her being calmer now. I guess I agree, but I have not noticed her interactions with anyone but the season fairies really changing.

  • Speaking of which, cut to Plantman, Ginger, and Salt hanging out on a rooftop. Ginger talks about how no one understands Plantman's heart or something like that. Salt soon asks Ginger why she always hangs out with Plantman and she freaks out a bit and leaves. I guess that is your fill of romance for today.

  • It rains and Saga arrives at the place where she first met Sugar. Sugar has somehow learned Saga's mother's song. I think that is pretty impressive. I wonder if Sugar can read music. Somehow I doubt it so I wonder how she was able to learn the song.

  • Later Saga and Sugar agree to play the song together after some sappy stuff with Saga's grandmother. However, I guess it is plot twist time as the piano Saga used to play on all of the time is gone.


Yep, we're heading into the endgame here, which is bad news for more than one character....
SKJAM 4th Feb 11