Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 18: Giving A Mother Cookies Has Nothing To Do With Lederhosen

  • I wonder if it might be a good idea to look at other series targeted at a similar audience in order to see if this kind of stuff is normal. Actually, someone told me that A Little Snow Fairy Sugar was much better than Shugo Chara! which from what I can tell is a show targeted at a similar audience that is much more popular. Anyway, watching the opening this time, I noticed that when the season fairies are all dancing together the second time, the elder fairy has hearts in his eyes and is eying Ginger. I feel kind of bad for him given that Ginger seems to be far from interested. Then again, he probably could do a lot to not come off as being creepy. By the way, the Packers are playing in the Super Bowl and I am happy about that. Sorry, I guess that was quite off topic. It was probably more interesting than my normal "on-topic" commentary anyway.

  • There is a bunch of commotion around town and the fairies are wondering what is happen. Saga, on top of things as usual tells them about how the Muhlenburg Festival is tomorrow. Alright, so a woman was sick a while ago and her kids decided to bake cookies for her. Yet, somehow eating the cookies cured her and now there is a celebration where kids give people cookies. I think that makes some sense. My question is why would kids give their mother cookies when she is sick? I mean, I suppose it depends on the illness, but if someone is really bedridden, I do not think that cookies are the easiest thing to digest and I imagine that they might be a bit too sugary when one is ill anyway. I might just be weird though. I guess if the mother did not have a sickness that had anything to do with digestion the cookies might be fine. I could totally get behind a cookie day though. I prefer snickerdoodles, peanut butter, and pumpkin chocolate chunk ones myself.

  • People are wearing "traditional clothing" during the festival too, including Saga. Norma's cookies are apparently brick-like in texture. On the topic of "traditional clothes" I am wondering where all of the lederhosen is. Well, I guess that even if it is Germany, not everyone who lives there is from the same cultural background. While I was pondering this, Sugar refused an invitation to hang out with the punk fairies because she wants to be with Saga all day. I guess there was some character development since the last episode after all.

  • Now there is a montage. The boys seem to look more like Pilgrims than anything else from what I can tell. I probably care too much about this kind of thing given that the people making this show probably did not need to worry about how people actually dressed long ago in Germany, just how they kind of looked. Greta mentions this is the first time she has been part of the festival in the town which seems to imply that she is actually new to town. I think that makes a lot of sense given her behavior. Perhaps she wants to be Saga's rival because Saga is popular. That way she might gain some popularity too.

  • Saga and Sugar go on a quest to locate Mr. Henry, the guy who Saga both talked to last episode and for whom she has delivered coffee in the past. A wheeled robot appears. It starts rushing towards Saga. What will she do? Cut to interlude (i.e. where the commercial break went when this show actually aired on TV).

  • The robot stops. It is just Robotnik Jr. and his two minions inside a couple of boxes along with a bike, flashlights, and some other attachments. So I guess this is Robotnik Jr.'s first real robot. I guess that is a great achievement on his part or something. Sadly, after some confusion over how to receive Saga's cookies, the robot slides down the road and smashes into the side of a house and breaks into a bunch of pieces.

  • Greta continues to wait for the others so she can give them cookies. She is in the middle of a bunch of tourists (who may be Japanese) as they take a snapshot. Meanwhile, Saga and Sugar find Mr. Henry but he appears to be a bit inebriated. It does not matter though as Saga hands over a fairly detailed tower-shaped cookie to him.

  • Soon after that there is a strange scene of the punk fairies using their powers to stop the crow who has appeared multiple times in this series from getting their cookies. Saga's teacher walks by and is probably puzzled when she sees the bits of hail and lightning that are being fired at the crown.

  • Saga does some traditional dance with Sugar for a bit, but I do not really understand how the two can dance together given their massive size difference. Saga does manage to deliver the goods to her teacher so now all she has to do now is give cookies to Greta.

  • Ginger's romancing with Plantman is stopped by Salt appearing. As soon as Plantman and Salt disappear, the elder comes to deliver a cookie that is in English (again adding to the confusion about what language is spoken and understood in Saga's town).

  • Poor Greta, she stayed in the exact same place for most of the day until Saga finally gave her cookies. Sugar receives a cookie too, but even though I know it is supposed to be a snowflake it reminds me of a shine sprite.

  • The episode ends with Saga, Sugar, Norma, and Anne watching some fireworks after Saga and Sugar talk about how much they have bonded.