Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 16: Even Season Fairies Listen To Weather Forecasts

  • I am still not quite sure what I will liveblog next. I am considering either truthism.com or the netiquette guide as my next endeavors. I might ask some people first to see if anyone would actually care to read my thoughts on either of those subjects though. I realize it is probably a bad idea to make a liveblog without making sure that someone cares enough to read it.

  • The elder narrates the introduction at first. Predictably, he talks about how Ginger is "cute" when she "is so cold." Ginger's response is basically "yuck" which seems understandable to me if not necessarily polite.

  • All of the apprentice season fairies are going on a trip, Sugar says. The punk fairy boys seem to be going too. I think that will probably lead to some trouble, but I guess they may have gotten better in terms of behavior. The Elder wants the trip to be serious, but given the age and maturity of the fairies, I think that is expecting a lot.

  • Cue peppy piano music as the fairies fly through the air. At first I thought this might be boring, but Ginger and Plantman are also coming along so it cannot be all bad.

  • The Elder announces the progress that each fairy has made in terms of magic flower growth. Pepper is first and Salt appears to be second. The punk fairies follow and Sugar is last somehow. I am having some trouble understanding why Sugar is last given how many times her flower has grown and the fact that she is the only fairy with a human with which she can directly interact. Perhaps anyone watching the show just has bias because we mostly see Sugar's perspective, but I still find it difficult to believe that the punk fairies have made more progress than Sugar given how they acted before.

  • A new fairy appears. that his instrument is very similar to Pepper's I wonder if he is an actual wind fairy.

  • Pepper is training with him (and dominating), so I guess he must be a wind fairy. The punk fairies work with adult season fairies too with predicable results (mischief).

  • Salt plays the trumpet with an adult season fairy as well. I admit that I like seeing the new characters appear.

  • Sugar gets annoyed since she is unable to practice her magic given that it is not winter. I think that is understandable, but messing with the weather just to cool some farmers off does not seem like a good idea to me and that is just what Sugar tries to do. The Elder
scolds her as season fairies are not supposed to disrupt seasons. Yeah, I think that messing with the weather can have some pretty disastrous side-effects. This randomly reminds me of how Kyon asks Nagato to rain out a baseball game so the SOS Brigade does not have to play in it and she responds that doing so could cause serious problems in the future.

  • Flip to nighttime. I think this is a bit ridiculous, but the apprentice season fairies are sleeping on top of stuffed animals in a toy store. guess this is the type of thing that some would call unreasonably cute.

  • Meanwhile, Plantman and Ginger are reminiscing about the past and how similar they used to be to the apprentice season fairies. The scene looks like it might be romantic until Salt awkwardly interrupts it. Plantman goes with him to show him cloud magic, leaving Ginger to be accosted by the Elder. Well, she is not accosted so much as met by an old fairy riding on a toy train shouting "Ginger-Chan." Shave And A Hair Cut plays as she sighs at her predicament.

  • Saga and Sugar both seem to miss each other. I guess this is where one is supposed to say "aww" or something like that.

  • Now the season fairies are approaching a mountain town that actually looks cold to me. I am guessing that Sugar will finally be able to show her stuff here. Ginger says this is a Northern Town, so I wonder if it is still in Germany. I doubt it considering the lack of major mountain ranges in that part of the country. I may be wrong considering I am not an expert on geography though.

  • It seems that quite a lot of the people in the town dislike snow and find it to be an inconvenience just like in real life. I like it, but I guess that does not really matter much. Still, Sugar is right, some people do think that snow is pretty or beautiful or what have you. One of the punk fairies is right when he says that humans gripe a lot as well.  *

  • The adult snow fairy that was supposed to help Sugar seems to be unable to aid her this time. I guess this means she is all alone. Getting back to weather being an inconvenience, I wonder why Ginger does not feel similarly to Sugar given how many people dislike rain. Still, farmers probably appreciate it from time to time and Ginger is likely more mature anyway.

  • The Elder says the first priority of the season fairies to keep the weather on schedule. I wonder who sets the schedule.

  • Anyway, Sugar accepts the challenge and tries to make it snow. She is obviously quite nervous at first, but she eventually pulls through. She must have seriously leveled up or something because her season magic seems to be about 10 times better than it was before. I mean a while ago she seemed to only be able to summon a single snowflake.

  • However, the snow stops at one point and Sugar becomes discouraged. The adult snow fairy appears on the scene and takes care of the rest. I do think it is a bit odd that she happens to bare her midriff despite probably being in cold climates frequently. I guess she might just have built up a good resistance to cold temperatures.

  • The episode ends with Saga wanting Sugar to come back. I wonder how long the fairy has been gone on her trip anyway.