Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 13: Plantman Saves The Day

[Note: Nyperold made the following comment: Hmm, that may be. For my part, I definitely like almost all the things I've been liveblogging, and the exception (Haruhi) is only an exception in that I'm still working out whether I like it or not. And watching more of it is the only way I'll find out. Of course, at the same time, if perceive something in one of them to be a flaw, I may point it out, depending. So, yeah, I think it's more how you present it than whether you rip on it or not.]

Nyperold, I agree that presentation is important. I think that it is true that some liveblogs can be gush fests as well. I suppose my impression that a lot of them are negative comes from watching Let's Plays on Youtube and seeing how critical some of them are of games. I would not rather not seek out a series I know I will dislike though so I doubt I would do something quite like that here.

By the way, thank you for reading this liveblog, despite its lack of quality.

  • Most of the introduction seems to be narrated by the Sun Fairy this time.

  • Sugar kissing the mirror in the opening still gets to me. It seems so weird to me and coupled with her sucking spaghetti out of Saga's fork, I think the opening has this weird "romancy" feeling (the song being played does not help to discourage that feeling either).

  • The fairies still do not seem to understand what a Twinkle is. I think at this point it seems to be somewhat obvious that Sugar's bond with Saga is a "twinkle" or some sort. Even if Sugar may know about this, she just randomly lies about finding a Twinkle. I guess that is a little kid for you. At least it gets the punk fairies to stop bothering the group.

  • Norma still appears to be obsessed with the Bifauxnen. This time she has gathered up all of the photos of her that she can find. You know, I am not surprised that she would be obsessive like that, but I do wish that Anne actually got some type of personality or quirks so she seemed like less of a background character.

  • Well, right after typing that, it is revealed that Anne is reading Romeo&Juliet. I guess that may be the beginning of some more characterization for here. Meanwhile, Saga appears to have swarms of adoring fans after playing the piano in the play. I have to say that I am impressed with the continuity being shown here. I figured that after the handful of episodes about the troupe the cast would just act like it never happened, but that clearly is not the case here.

  • Greta, of course being one known for her humility, tells Saga to not like the fact that she has groupies go to her head. I wonder if Greta will ever be shown in a positive light. I doubt it, otherwise this show would probably be sorely lacking as far as antagonists goes.
Still, I do feel bad for her.

  • The fairies are creating mischief again (While just Sugar this time) and Saga is yelling at them again. By now, I would think her friend would see here as being kind of crazy. I mean I am sure that plenty of people would find it odd if someone tended to yell at things that did not appear to exist. I imagine that some would see that as a sign of a mental illness, but I am glad that Saga appears to be in good health as far as I know.

  • On a totally random note, I think the kid on the left looks like a cross between Yuki Nagato and Tamaki Kawazoe.

  • It looks like Saga does not realize the friendship-twinkle bond either based off of her comments to the three fairies. I guess it might be harder to understand that if one is actually living the situation and not just seeing it in the context of a work of fiction. Then again, I have not seen too much GenreSavvyness out of Saga so far either. I guess that could be justified because one wants the (mostly young) audience to figure things out for themselves here so they are being a bit indirect.

  • The elder is talking about Ginger again. I realize that this is incredibly insignificant and probably not worth nothing, but "Ginger-chan here is translated as "Ginger Baby." I am guessing some may find that a bit inaccurate, but given it is probably a term of endearment, I think it works. I am no expert on Japanese though. Anyway, Saga find him, grabs him and does not let him go until he tells her something about the "twinkle." The elder finds it interesting that Saga has begun to sympathize with Sugar so I think my hypothesis has pretty much been confirmed a few times over by now.

  • At Saga's house, Sugar is making a keikaku  *

  • It looks like it is slide-show time now that Saga has decided to take a trip outside the city walls. Well, the slide-show turns out to be pretty short and ends as the group approaches some type of bridge. I think it might be an aqueduct, but I am not totally sure. I am leaning toward it not being one though given my doubts about whether the Romans really had a big presence in Saga's town and whether the bridge is big enough to be an aqueduct. I have to admit that I know very little about aqueducts.

  • Ginger visits them on the bridge/aqueduct and says that the fairies will be able to find a "Twinkle" if they are with Saga. Saga wonders why Ginger could not give her better advice. I am hoping that this kind of thing does not happen in every episode. I would like Saga and Sugar to finally realize what a "twinkle" is at one point.

  • There is another slide-show of still frames, this time accompanied by rather festive music as the group runs around some flowers.

  • Then Sugar jumps on a rabbit and is taken off. She turns up soon afterwords, but I wonder why she did not just jump off and fly away given that she has wings.

  • It looks like Saga is lost now. Feeling lost stinks, I agree with Saga there.

  • The group decides to play music in order to be found by other season fairies. Apparently, Saga can play a mean grass whistle. I wonder how one does that. [I looked it up after watching this episode and it seems to be a bit complicated.] Plantman appears on the scene and helps them out, pointing out the way home. I have a fairly high opinion of that guy.

  • The lake water reflects the sun and encourages Saga and Sugar to fall into a body of water. Then the entire group starts splashing each other for no real reason.

  • The magic flower has another bud, but this time there is a new bud on Salt's and Pepper's magic flowers as well. I am glad about that.



Aww, so sweet.
SKJAM 12th Dec 10
Yeah, I much prefer this bonding episodes to the earlier ones where Saga was just annoyed by Sugar all of the time.
LouieW 13th Dec 10