Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 11: Fangirling About Bifauxen Bears

[Note: Nyperold made the following comment: Well, once, when the captain told the replicator to make his favorite beverage (tea, Earl Grey, hot), it made a pot of flowers instead, and he said, "That wasn't supposed to happen." The pot did not say, "Oh no, not again, " at least at any level readily understood by humans. ]

Nyperold, okay, sorry that I made you give that whole explanation. I think that sounds pretty interesting though. Making a pot of flowers seems pretty difficult to me.

  • "Do you know about season fairies?" Yes, as a factor of fact I do. My question is why Sugar kisses the mirror during the opening. I mean, I understand that she was trying to kiss Saga, but I find it a little jarring how she kisses the screen like that. It reminds me of a bird for some reason. Sorry, I am just rambling now.

  • I am a bit surprised that Vincent A.K.A. Bearsuitman is still in the show. Well anyway, Saga cannot forgive Vincent for mistreating the piano.

  • I can kind of understand what Saga means, but I think that it is a little harsh to never forgive him. Well, I suppose Saga is not really that old yet so even if she kind of acts mature, it probably is unreasonable to expect her to not bear any grudges whatsoever. Anyway, I think this will probably end up being an Aesop about not judging people.

  • The owner of the coffee shop comes back with a grocery bag that seems to be filled with bread and tomatoes. Frankly, I do not know what that has to do with coffee, but I guess he could live in the upper level of the coffee shop or something and those were just his personal groceries. Vincent is there too, being as mysterious as usual.

  • Vincent actually addresses and looks at Sugar. It seems as though he can actually see the fairies. I am glad there are other people who can see them for once. At least this should mean they do not have to pester Saga as much. Meanwhile Saga is bearing a grudge against Bearsuitman, but it seems like a bit of a tsundere situation to me.

  • Vincent is leaving soon. Well, I guess three episodes is enough, but introducing a character who seems to be able to see the fairies and then having him leave seems a little odd to me. It seems like a bit of wasted opportunity to me if he really does just leave now. I am having trouble figuring out his personality though. Sometimes he seems pretty smug and other times he appears to be compassionate and quite kind. Plus, he can play piano whilst in a bear suit, so you know that he is quite skilled.

  • Norma is fangirling about the bishonen actor again. She calls him "my beloved one" and at this point I think this is getting to be pretty weird. I like the guy's ascot though, I have to admit that. Of course, Greta comes in to talk about how lame the play she only recently bragged about being in is. Then she knocks out the stuff in her desk while laughing and it turns out to be a bunch of Bear Pianist memorabilia.

  • I guess that is predictable, but what interests me more is what language the memorabilia features. I can understand why it might be in English because that is more commonly learned in Japan, but instead one of the folders says "I Love KUMA". Now, I am no expert in Japanese, but I am pretty sure that KUMA means bear in that language and nothing in English (that I know of) and probably nothing in German either. That is another issue here for me, would it not make more sense for all of this stuff to be in German? I mean the town is supposed to be in Germany and some of the other text featured so far has been in German. Honestly, I do not care that much about that kind of stuff anyway. I think the teddy bear version of the Bear Pianist looks pretty neat actually.

  • I wonder why Greta acts the way she does here. I mean, the other three people (Norma, Anne, and Saga) all like the Bear Pianist play and would certainly not think less of her for saying she was a fan of it. That leads me to believe that Greta does not care too much about what the other people think or at least that is not why she was hiding her Bear Pianist power level. Yet, at other times (such as in the first episode when she shows off her watch) she seems to want the other people to respect her.

  • The fairy trio is following Vincent around town and examining everything that he looks at to see if it is a Twinkle. I realize that doing something like that is probably pointless now if my previous hypothesis about Twinkles was correct, but at least if gives the fairies something to do.

  • The elder is actually asking to have a date with Ginger this time. Well, it fails, but I am a bit surprised that the elder is being so open about it. Vincent actually looks up into the sky to watch the rain fairy, which convinces the fairy trio that he can see them.

  • The coffee owner calls Vincent "that weird guy". Yeah, I would have to agree with him on that a bit. I think Bearsuit man is a bit enigmatic.

  • Norma actually gets dressed up to meet the bishonen bear backstage. It turns out that he is a bifauxen bear. I like the twist a bit, though I do feel for Norma. I mean, I think that some people criticize bishonen characters for being too "girly looking" and for one to just be female seems like an interesting turn of events to me. Anyway, Anne already knew about it, so it may have been obvious. I feel bad for the actress though, given how disappointed Norma is in front of her.

  • Vincent comments on the clouds (and perhaps Plantman himself), but apparently it still is not clear if he can see the season fairies. He may not be able to see them at all. He does, however, help a kid who is sad that he cannot climb by playing with some sticks in a playground and making music by tapping them against various materials. The season fairies are playing along too. It seems as though Vincent cannot see the season fairies after all. Sugar did make progress with her snow magic though as she was playing.

  • Saga still bears a grudge against Vincent (that pun was unintentional) and she continuously runs away from him whenever she sees him. Oh, okay, so Saga's mother is the Ingrid Bergman mentioned earlier.

  • The playground is now swarming with kids playing the drums on the playground jungle gyms. That reminds me of sticks and stands band and it turns out to be the end of the episode. I guess Vincent will be appearing in a fourth episode. This is really the first true arc in this show I guess. I think that these series will probably end pretty conveniently if I am correct about the Twinkles. I figure that the Twinkle will just be fully grown at the end of the next episode.