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Also, I could be wrong, but isn't gayness usually a bit more accepted in Japan or...?

No, at least not openly. Basically they're like "It's okay for you to be gay, but not for the world to see and really only on the side, remember what you're supposed to do: keep on the right path."

...and now I cannot unsee the side mouths. AC Drawings? This is all YOUR fault. >:(
Woman, you're the one critically analyzing the art, you're the one who should've seen it to start. So XP nya nya.

* And suddenly, SUDDENLY, Ellen knows.
  • And, suddenly, SUDDENLY, Ellen has the same feelings for her...
And SUDDENLY maybe just maybe she still thinks in a manner similar enough to Elliot's to butt out of people's issues unless they want to talk about it. *Looks at next strip* Okay, maybe she does know. I can no longer stand by my ridiculous claim.


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ACDrawings 12th Dec 10 (edited by: MrAHR)
The hell!? You... Can edit.... My Comment.

That.... is... not right. I can see how this could cause potential issues.

Well... Thank you for fixing the quoteblock thing, I always tend to miss that.
ACDrawings 12th Dec 10
You know, this reminds me how remarkable clean the breakup between Nanase and Elliot was.

She pretty much told him, "It's over and btw, I was never really attracted to you anyway" and his reaction is pretty much " 'kay, gonna hook up with Sarah now, kthxbye".

Okay, maybe justified since they are teenagers. But that raises the question, if Ellen is Elliot mentally, and his feelings for Nanase weren't so big in the first place, why is Ellen attracted to Nanase. to the point were they do hook up? Shouldn't she has an ill-fated crush on Sarah instead?

But then, Ellen is only Elliot when the plot calls for it.

eX 13th Dec 10 (edited by: eX)
  • Ugh. So NOW she sees herself as a guy?! Why can he not be consistent with this?
  • The art isn't too bad in this strip, though. At least it has that.
  • Have to love that Shive felt it needed to draw "bouncing lines" along her breasts.

  • I believe a Troll 2 "OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!" is warranted here.
  • Almost everything that can be said about the idiocy of this entire situation has been said. So I am left with minor nitpicks, such as the fact that NO ONE ELSE has ever brought up the pheromones, or wondered if they were still existing. Maybe this whole thing could work if the existence of the pheromones had frequently been discussed with Ellen, but now, it's just a shitty ass-pull.

  • Susan's bed looks like a large bar of soap.
  • That's ridiculous, though! That would mean the... Feelings... Were... Real...
  • You know how to NOT make a good plot point? By having a character, (Justin) repeatedly say that the plot point is coming. It makes us expect it, and makes for a whopping anti-climax.

  • That title card... Is the worst thing I have ever seen.

  • So nice of you to tell us NOW that she never was attracted to him. She sure didn't seem that way when she was kissing him.
  • And Jeebus. AHR is right. Elliot's ripped.

  • You know, I'm kinda with Elliot on this one. Shut up, Nanase. Just because you can't handle a terribly-done plot point doesn't give you the right to insult people.
  • Also, she would have very tiny vocal chords, so her voice would sound like she had inhaled helium. It would sound silly.

  • AHR, that is an extremely good point. If Nanase can't tell her MOM about the clothes, why can't she just not tell her about being gay?
  • B^U
  • Put your God damn clothes back on, Elliot.

  • This whole "Grace Beer" thing is the comic equivalent of the make-out scene in Manos: The Hands of Fate. It's out of place, and serves NO PURPOSE to the narrative. And, might I also add, it makes no sense.
  • And what is the intended response? Intrigue? Suspense? Humor? Warm-heartedness? I'm lost.

  • I understand the literary reference, but once again: IF YOU ARE POINTING IT OUT, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. YOU BUFFOON.
  • Besides, if he was referring to actual herring, he would just call it "kipper."
  • And why would Grace get beer? She should know how to read. So she should know what bottle they got the last time they got soda. So there are plotholes. This is nothing new.

  • Of course Susan would go and divulge Nanase's personal information. Bitch.
  • Look how fat Ellen's hands are in the first panel. She's gonna end up butch, isn't she?
Cakman 14th Dec 10

Hey guys, this sounds crazy, but I'm beginning to think that Nanase might not be totally straight.

I know it might be too early to tell, but bear with me.
Cakman 20th Dec 10