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  • She kinda looks like Link.
  • She also now has her forehead wound turned into an Indian marriage mark.

  • Other than that, though, he kinda cheated the reader out here. C'mon, you can't give us maybe a second panel.
  • And thank you for the lovely title description, just in case we needed to be brushed up.

  • Feh. Enjoy your back problems and tenderness once a month, dick.
  • Speaking of which, I never did quite understand what it meant when they said that girls' breasts can feel "tender" as a symptom of pms. What does "tenderness" feel like? Besides, like, you know, "tender heart"?
  • Nanase's mouth is oddly-shaped. It looks like a heart.
  • If this horseshit doesn't stop, I'm going to implement another link to every "HAY GUYS JUSTIN IS GAY" line too. Possibly involving bestiality.

  • Okay, this is just silly. I honestly laughed at this strip. The combination of the gigantic breasts, green skin with Srs Biznes face, and Lord Tedd. If this were a farcical webcomic, it would be fantastic.
  • Why doesn't the goo run away at that point? Wouldn't that be the smarter point of action?

  • Well. Way to hammer into the ground the clever joke you had so many comics ago.
  • Murals was funny as a one-note joke. If you continue to reuse it, it's inevitably going to begin getting old.
  • Where'd he get that hat on such short notice?

  • Neither relief or disappointment. I am simply amazed that you are actually trying to do this.
  • Because naturally, all women are whores, so becoming more feminine would make Ellen more of a slut.

  • The cat pack is back together.
  • Not much to this strip though.

  • Another useless strip. WE SAW IT, GUYS. We don't need another explanation.
  • Also, what was the point of transforming Elliot in the first place, then?

  • Hedge... Clever, Shive. Clever. But I will lose all respect for you if you mention that his hair is where the whole hedge thing comes from.
  • But other then that, Hedge has a ridiculous fashion sense.
  • He has a pimp coat? Is that a pimp coat? Or a Santa coat?

  • I wasn't aware that Tedd's father was British. What a tweest!
  • Actually, this may be the best strip so far. It puts a whole new spin on the entire comic. All of the characters might have accents!
  • Also, if they were wearing the same clothes, Nanase and Ellen would be near-identical in this strip.

Cakman 18th Dec 10
Black Wolfe:

At that point in the story, being gay and crushing on Elliott are pretty much his only two traits. He's fleshed out a bit since then.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

If by "fleshed out" you mean that he has 'nerd' and 'likes to play with hair' as traits now, then yeah, his character got fleshed out. I mean, that's a 100% increase in traits.

Then you remember the set-up for the latest story-arc was just Justin inviting Elliot to the comic book shop he works at because he is gay and has a crush on Elliot and realise that those two are the only traits that actively matter when dealing with Justin. He remained virtually unchanged in the eight years he had been in the comic.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

In case you're wondering about my absence, I've been unfortunately stressed this week, but I should be back later this day since it is friday, and if not there is always the weekend, and if not, there is always thanksgiving break.

Feel free to harrass me if I don't do it. It helps.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Did anyone hear anything just now? Or was that the wind blowing really hard? I can't tell. Anywho, I really appreciate all the comments that you guys have been making on my liveblog. It's hard being the single writer on it- I won't lie. But it's worth it for the fans. It's worth it for the fans.

Ohhh, does he like comic books? Another fantastic addition! So he'll have four things to do- tell us that he' gay, tell us that he has a crush on a straight guy, tell Nanase that she's gay, AND make "obscure" comic book references!
Cakman 18th Dec 10
Goggle Fox:

The only "obscure" comic book reference I can think of begins with the words "You have to get out of here!"
Cakman 18th Dec 10