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Goggle Fox:

Logically the werewolf journal thing should have been written in archaic German, but obviously this would be impossible to manage in world. Again, this is a point where a comic run by Rule Of Funny alone would have been fine, but we're getting semi-serious here. Either way, it's a common mistake.

As for the mod decisions on there, meh. Expected, but I don't know what all has been said in the thread over there, and it's probably best not to dig it up.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Well, I'll get to the reviewing, but suffice to say, I now have a festering hatred for everything the EGS forum stands for. They deleted my thread. AHR says she posted the replies.

  • God Damn, those boxes are expertly stacked. They're congruent with each other. Like they were drawn in MS paint.
  • Also, Elliot has a needlessly "actiony" pose in the second panel.

  • "At long last"? How long has it been? Maybe about six comics or so?
  • Small comics like this are of little importance to me.

Crap. Goin' over to AHR's house naow. Post the rest when I get back.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
Black Wolfe:

Yeah, I could have predicted either Thom or Lily deleting that thread when you said you created it, but you'd already created it at that time.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
e X:

Honestly Cakman, you were asking for it. Any mod would have deleted that thread.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
191: Throwing rarely happens in real life and is indirect so I don't think it falls under the realm of "violence against a female".

193: Elliot was asking for it there.

194: If you, as an author, know that being knocked out with a blunt object has a high probability of inflicting serious injury that won't go away as soon as you wake up, fine. It's a common trope and a handy plot device and I'm willing to look the other way I guess. But lampshading it doesn't mean you didn't do it, and having the characters lampshade it but then forget about it doesn't help your case.

195: Oh come on, he had an excuse this time. It was a guy's journal! That said yeah, only the last entry actually had useful information.

197: Do I have to have actually seen the movie to get the joke here?

199: Really, Dan. The grass being short was the great question of this arc that needed answering?
Brickman 20th Feb 11