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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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Good lord. How can ANYONE look at these characters and point out redeeming qualities?! I don't understand it in the slightest!
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Shive addresses the pregnancy thing later. Long story short, they are stuck in perma mode for those 9 months.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Wow, Susan's been hit with a lot of Characterization Marches ON over the years, hasn't she? I mean, her issues with men are subject to character development, but compare her interactions with Elliot to her interaction with Catalina later on. It's inconsistent, even when you factor in the 'pheromone' nonsense. * Also she should not be that expressive, and she's far more of a psychotic bitch than she is… well, anywhere outside of this sequence.

I would like to say, however, that even at this point she's less 'Straw Feminist' and more 'parody of a Straw Feminist', if that's makes sense. I won't deny there's straw-stuffing going on, but it's more making Susan into a joke than making feminists in general into a joke.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

I see what you mean by being a parody. I don't think that makes it any better, but I see what you mean.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
151: Cakman fails at Getting The Joke 101. In my opinion the hammers are pretty much ONLY capable of being funny if the story is intentionally and blatantly inconsistent about how and why they're there.

Also, it's not exactly a record setter or anything, but I think we can increase the Elliot's Horrid Faces counter by one in that last panel.

153: It's such common knowledge that teahcers work for peanuts that I would like to assume that Shive was trying to poke fun of any kid stupid enough to think that they aren't there for the students' sakes... but then the strip contains a teacher who apparently actually doesn't care about him.

154: Seriously Shive, you would be in a better position if we DID forget who those two are and pretended they were just two random classmates.

156: This is the laziest form of foreshadowing that I have ever heard of. I'm not sure it even counts. Also, I'm afraid there was something that was intended to be a joke... a joke that should be losing him points in its own right by virtue of the fact that he thinks it's funny.

157: AHR I think you may have been my opposite-sex clone as a child or something. Just saying.

158: AHR, even a competent artist would have a good challenge drawing a suitably freaked out Tedd to convey that joke without dialogue given how much of his face is covered by those glasses. Besides, I think by this point Shive had long since passed a Lack Of Subtlety Critical Mass which meant that while reading his strip I was not looking for anything subtle on the assumption that it wouldn't be there and it was better to read the story arc quickly for the broad strokes than focus on it. The only way I'm noticing pretty much any of the things which aren't made blatantly obvious is when you compliment him on them.

By the way, I'm going to posit here the theory that Susan's not actually wearing a jacket, she's just wearing an odd t-shirt that has a vertical stripe down the middle.
Brickman 18th Feb 11
JOSSED by other strips. Would have made much more sense though.
MrAHR 20th Feb 11
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