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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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1st Aug '14 5:47:26 AM flag for mods

Actually, A_H_R, the Dragon Warrior series was a spin-off of the Dragon Quest series that was on the Gameboy and Gameboy color. Now, my own gripes and critique of humor:

Strip 16

Strip 17

Strip 18

Strip 19

Strip 20
Cakman 11th Dec 10
AHR said:

The way that Elliot (who is a girl in that panel) has his elbows positioned, they look practically nonexistant.

Also, the reason I didn't comment on the narm yet is because this is still in strict light hearted fun mode. The narm is not in the action, it's in the future social encounters. I've become desnensitized to the fighting narm by this point, that's how bad it is.
Cakman 11th Dec 10
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