Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Islet Cave

Hi guys, today, we're gonna go after one of the four big Bonus Bosses. Each one guards an epic summon, each has some gimmick, each uses a boss theme from the first game, and each one is in a Bonus Dungeon that is behind a Teleport circle (well, one of them isn't, it needs Lift instead) and a dungeon of tough enemies.

First though, is class changes. Sheba equips the Tomegathericon and becomes a Necromage, Jenna becomes a Ronin, Felix becomes a Disciple, Piers becomes a Water Monk, Ivan becomes a Pure Mage, Garet becomes a Ronin, Isaac becomes a Disciple, and Mia becomes a Paragon (with 1 Mars Djinn on standby, as my setup won't be ready until partway through the dungeon we're going through).

We then Teleport over to Yallam, and forge the Dark Matter into a Fear Helm and the Orihalcon into a Cosmos Shield. Damn it, give me an Excalibur!

For our destination, we Teleport over to the Apoji Islands and fly over to the Sea of Time Islet. We continue on to the Islet Cave from there. There is a Teleport circle at the beginning, and we use it to get into a series of corridors.

As this area is one of the dullest in the series, I might as well talk about the enemies. Chimera Worms are weak as hell, Drujs (Drujii?) have strong physicals but not much else, Cruel Dragons are strong and can drop Tisiphone Edges, one of the better weapons in the game, and then there are Wonder Birds. Wonder Birds are strong, can attack 3 times a turn, can run away, has ludicrously powerful Mars Psynergy AND can revive fallen enemies. And they give 8000 EXP in an area where most enemies give around 700. However, like any other enemy, they fall in one Megiddo.

In the second room, we see a statue jumping about. We use Tremor to knock loose a Mercury Djinn who fights us. We win.

Piers found the Mercury Djinni Serac!

Serac gives 12 HP and 3 Attack. In battle, it does a Mercury Attack plus 70 damage and has a chance to instantly Down.

With Serac, we make Mia into an Angel and use that spare Mars Djinn to make Piers a Guru.

On the way to the end, Isaac reaches level 40 and learns Carpet Bomb, Garet reaches level 40 and learns Quick Strike, Felix reaches level 40 and learns Carpet Bomb and Jenna reaches level 40 and learns Quick Strike.

After several corridors, we encounter a green statue of armour.

I am the guardian of wind. If you would claim my power, you must prove your worth.

And so we fight the Sentinel, to the theme of the first fight on top of Venus Lighthouse. The Sentinel is immune to all Psynergy, which doesn't matter to me. Summons and Unleashes, however, are perfectly fine. He attacks three times, and also has got quite a few hard hitting Jupiter and Mars elemental moves, and can Break. And with a combination of Guard, 200 HP regen and 30 PP regen, he'll last ages. He's weak to Venus.

So, how are we gonna fight him? We need at least one pure attacker (Isaac/Felix), one healer (Ivan/Mia/Piers), one buffer (He'll only use Break if you have buffs. And a used Break by him is a wasted turn for him) (Garet/Jenna), and someone who can Revive (Ivan/Sheba/Piers) at all times. The attacker and reviver attack, while the buffer increases Attack for the whole party then attacks and the healer is on near permanent Wish Well duty. We start with the GS 1 party because they're all a bit more suited to the four roles, and in the event they stuff up, the GS 2 party will finish the job.

We end up not needing the second team though, as Megiddo hits him for about a sixteenth of his HP each time, eventually killing him. As for the summon tablet behind him?

Felix can now summon Catastrophe!

For 5 Jupiter and 3 Mars Djinn, Catastrophe attacks at 400 Jupiter Power plus 24% of the target's max HP, 10% of the target's max PP is done in PP damage, and the user's Jupiter Power raises by 100 and Mars Power by 60. Graphically, well, it looks like Judgement, but evil, and it shoots the explosion, which also looks evil, and the blast contains an energy dragon, or something, that eats the enemies.

OK, that's done. Next time, another Bonus Dungeon!


Isaac: Lv 41 Master (4 Ma, 5 J) HP:900 PP:288 Attack:639 Defence:302 Agility:376 Luck:7

Ivan: Lv 40 Pure Mage (4 V, 5 Me) HP:714 PP:374 Attack:462 Defence:296 Agility:305 Luck:20

Mia: Lv 40 Angel (8 Me) HP:642 PP:275 Attack:425 Defence:284 Agility:253 Luck:20

Piers: Lv 41 Guru (7 Ma, 2 Me) HP:765 PP:253 Attack:471 Defence:342 Agility:357 Luck:12

Felix: Lv 41 Disciple (4 Ma, 4 J) HP:783 PP:238 Attack:536 Defence:275 Agility:379 Luck:12

Garet: Lv 41 Ronin (5 V, 4 J) HP:949 PP:205 Attack:510 Defence:339 Agility:303 Luck:12

Jenna: Lv 41 Ronin (5 V, 4 J) HP:989 PP:218 Attack:520 Defence:331 Agility:306 Luck:8

Sheba: Lv 41 Necromage (Tomegathericon, 3 V, 3 Ma, 3 Me) HP:756 PP:300 Attack:445 Defence:286 Agility:392 Luck:19

Djinn left: 1 Venus, 1 Jupiter


I just remembered something. Didn't the game have 4 spare Djinn that could be found if you didn't transfer anything or didn't have all the Djinn from the first game?
Marioguy128 18th Feb 11
Yeah, a Jupiter one at SW Atteka Islet, a Mars one at Magma Rock, a Mercury one at Prox and a Venus one at Treasure Isle. The thing is, I've never had to go after them, so I don't know how to get them. That's why I haven't pointed them out.
SomeColorMage 18th Feb 11