Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

The Reunion

OK, so last time, we agreed to meet Isaac in Contigo. We go to the northmost building where Isaac's party waits. By the way, this is mainly going to be a wall of dialogue text (as it has a pretty good summary of some parts of the story), so be warned if I don't talk much.

Isaac: I'm glad you kept your promise, Felix.

Garet: All right, let's hear what he has to say for himself!

Jenna: What can we say, Isaac? Has Felix ever harmed you? Have we ever fought against you?

Sheba: Felix's been avoiding you, but he's never had any intention of fighting you or anything...

Mia: And he definitely helped us out back at Jupiter Lighthouse.

Ivan: Isaac's been worrying about Jenna nonstop since this nightmare began! How could she run away from him like that?

Piers: She was afraid that if we met, we would be forced to fight... She didn't want that.

Isaac: I know that, now... But it doesn't explain why you're doing this...

Kraden: Felix betrayed his hometown, Vale... That's why he hasn't been able to face Isaac. Felix had hoped to play the villain alone, without getting Jenna or me involved...

Garet: He betrayed Vale? Kraden, what are you talking about?

Kraden: He conspired to steal the Elemental Stars and fire the beacons of the four lighthouses.

Mia: That's what Saturos and Menardi were trying to do...

Ivan: Why were you helping them?

Jenna: Our parents' lives were at stake! We had to help!

Oh, only now do you mention one of the two most important things in this matter. That's really smart.

Garet: Parents? But... your parents died three years ago, in that storm...

Kraden: That night, Saturos and his men had raided Sol Sanctum... The storm was their doing.

Jenna: Garet, you saw two strangers that night—-Saturos and Menardi. They were the only survivors of Saturos's raiding party.

Kraden: They had failed to solve the mystery of Sol Sanctum. In doing so, they triggered the storm.

Jenna: Everyone thought that you were killed by that boulder, Felix. I can't tell you how glad I was to find you were alive!

Kraden: In fact, nobody was killed by the boulder that day!

What about the raiding party?

Isaac: So that means...

Ivan: Wait a minute Kraden... Did you just say that nobody was killed by that boulder?

Mia: But what about Isaac's dad? And Jenna and Felix's parents? I thought they'd died that day!

Mia, we established they survived 5 minutes ago, please keep up.

Isaac: I'm not so sure now...

Kraden: Yes! If Felix survived, Kyle and the others may have as well...

Mia: Why didn't you tell us? We could have worked together to save your parents, couldn't we?

(Felix: No)

Ivan: He's right. They were too powerful then... It would have been impossible.

Kraden: There's more to it than that. He had another reason to light the lighthouse beacons. Unless the lighthouse beacons are all lit, Weyard will eventually be destroyed.

Isaac: Destroyed? Why?

Piers: King Hydros, ruler of Lemuria, says that our world is steadily shrinking.

Sheba: Elemental energy drives the growth of civilization. Without it, we and our world will wither.

Mia: All that because the lighthouses aren't illuminated?

Kraden: According to my research, that seems to be the case.

Garet: But...once the lighthouses are all lit, you said the world wound end anyway!

When did Kraden say that? Wasn't that The Wise One?

Kraden: That...might be true, too... But if we do nothing, the world will definitely end.

Isaac: Wait for the end of the world to come or wind up accidentally triggering it ourselves... What a choice...

Kraden: Nothing is certain. There is no way to prevent the world from reaching its natural end. However, we can fight to save the world from withering away due to the action of men.

Garet: And Felix, you knew this? You here helping them because you knew what was happening?

(Felix: Yes)

I assume so, anyway. Saturos and Menardi must have said something.

Garet: You're a lot smarter than I remember you being...

No, you're just dumber.

Isaac: Why did you wait so long to tell me? I would have helped you...

Kraden: You wouldn't have done it before, Isaac... It would have meant violating the sacred teachings of Vale.

Hamma: Now that we know all of this, shouldn't we be going?

Oh, hey, it's the lady who taught Ivan Reveal. Although, the tranlators screwed up again and put an extra m in her name.

Mia: Hamma!

Hamma: Hello again...

Kraden: Hamma! You...know Isaac? And his companions, too?

Isaac: We met at the temple on the edge of the Lamakan Desert...

Hamma: I'm Hamma, descendant of the Anemos. I was born in Contigo, and I inherited the power of the Anemos.

Garet: Hey... We just got into Contigo, and we found out this is where Ivan was born!

Mia: Yeah... We also learned that he's got a sister!

Sheba: Sister... You don't mean...

Hamma: That would be me, yes.

Ivan approaches Hamma.

Hamma: Not now, Ivan... This isn't the time. Three lighthouses have been lit... The elements have been thrown out of balance. Jupiter is growing stronger, and the north grows colder with every passing moment. You must hurry to Mars Lighthouse. Ignite its beacon, before all of Weyard freezes...

Jenna: Mars Lighthouse? Agatio has the Mars Star. He's on his way to light it now!

Hamma: I doubt they will be able to light the Mars beacon...

Piers: Why's that?

Hamma: There is a powerful force that does not want to see Mars rekindled. You will fail as well...unless you pool your strengths together and fight as one.

Kraden: This is bad. we have to!

Hamma: I had hoped that you would feel that way... I've prepared a gift for you, to aid you on your way to Mars Lighthouse. I must leave you now, but we will meet at the inlet.

So she leaves. And are we ready yet?

Jenna: I'm sorry we left Venus Lighthouse without seeing you... I'm sorry for making you worry... Maybe when this is all over, we can all go on a trip together.

Sheba: Hey, Jenna, you sure seem calm, considering that we're racing to meet our enemies...

Mia: I'm just relieved that we've sorted our differences...

Piers: Me too, Mia... We could not have stood divided against a common foe.

Garet: Yeah, I guess I'm a little happy that we're not going to beat Felix up.

Isaac: Listen, this is Felix's quest now... We're just doing what we can to help out...

Jenna: Aren't you happy?

(Felix: Yes)

Kraden: Everything's come together... This is how it was meant to be, Felix. But Hamma's waiting for us. Let's go to our ship!

And so Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia join our party. Hell yes.

Isaac's party joins with all the Djinn and equipment they had in the first game. Although we have to re-equip it for them.

Now, we can only have 4 fighters at any one time. At the beginning of the turn, we can use a new option, Swap, to bring one character on to replace one on the front line. It can only be done once a turn. Also, for once, there's no cases of Lazy Backup, if the front 4 go down, the second lot is switched in.

I switch all 4 of the old party in, as they're 2 levels behind compared to my current party (the 4 not in the party only get about half experience). We then use the Force spell we just obtained to get a Mars Djinn!

Isaac found the Mars Djinni Shine!

Shine gives 9 HP, 3 Attack, 3 Defence and 2 Agility. In battle, it performs a Mars Attack plus 60 damage to the target, and may inflict any enemy with Delusion.

We ask around town, and it turns out that the huge crater used to be Anemos, and one day, it just flew away and became the moon.

...Okay, it's quite clear I can no longer apply any logic to this series.

We head to the Atteka Islet and use Lift, which we also just got with the new party, to find a Venus Djinn!

Isaac found the Venus Djinni Geode!

Geode gives 12 HP and 6 Attack. In battle, it performs at Venus Attack at 190% of the users Attack. It does this by rolling the battle background into a ball and smashing it towards the target. Awesome.

We head to our ship. Those wings have been attached to our ship.

Hamma: I've been waiting for you, Felix. Take a look at your ship. Now that you have been given wings, all obstacles in you path will vanish forever...

Yes. Now that we have wings, we can move faster, move over rocks, and avoid encounters by using Hover. But it constantly drains the PP of the entire party.

We also get a present from Master Hammet; a bar of Orihalcon. Nice.

We leave, and the ship flies right over some rocks in our way. Sheba then decides to tell us her reasons for joining this quest.

She hoped that she'd learn who she was at Jupiter Lighthouse. As she supposedly fell from the sky, she wants to know where she was born and why she was abandoned. No answers there, though. Kraden then also talks about how he was taken from his parents at a young age. Babi did it, of course. He had heard of Kraden's intelligence, and wanted him raised as a scholar. Knowing there's someone near her that also didn't know their parents makes Sheba feel a little better.

Well, that's all for now. Next time, we go exploring now that we can fly over things.


Isaac: Lv 31 Slayer HP:657 PP:169 Attack:415 Defence:254 Agility:238 Luck:10

Garet: Lv 31 Hero HP:682 PP:139 Attack:373 Defence:297 Agility:183 Luck:10

Ivan: Lv 31 Magister HP:444 PP:243 Attack:287 Defence:234 Agility:284 Luck:13

Mia: Lv 31 Paragon HP:459 PP:216 Attack:315 Defence:244 Agility:198 Luck:13

Felix: Lv 34 Ninja HP:598 PP:215 Attack:462 Defence:228 Agility:309 Luck:10

Piers: Lv 33 Ranger HP:486 PP:190 Attack:356 Defence:241 Agility:302 Luck:18

Jenna: Lv 33 Luminer (Mars) HP:618 PP:179 Attack:410 Defence:266 Agility:213 Luck:21

Sheba: Lv 33 Druid (Jupiter) HP:555 PP:260 Attack:348 Defence:253 Agility:258 Luck:20

Djinn: 16 Venus, 16 Mars, 15 Jupiter, 15 Mercury