Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Champa, part 2

Hello all! Today, we're going to finish off some stuff in Alhafra. Now that we have Burst, we can destroy the giant rock keeping the mast of the broken boat in place.

Hey! That block on the mast has disappeared!

A few of the people here have noticed that we've got the mast ready for them. Eoleo and Chaucha notice too. So everyone goes to tell the mayor and Briggs about what just happened.

The mayor shows up, sees that the block is gone, and asks who did it. That would be us. He orders some people to fix the mast, then offers us a rest. Sure, why not?

One long, boring conversation where Sheba and Jenna suspect that the mayor of Alhafra won't give the ship to Madra later...

A guard shows up to report a problem.

Briggs destroyed the prison and escaped with his pirates!

Eh, too bad for you guys, I wanted that to happen. Then the report comes that the mast has been raised. We better go look for him.

And, of course, he's in Eastern Alhafra. With the boat.

Alhafran Mayor: Briggs, where are you taking my boat?

The Madrans boat, you mean. Briggs points out that he paid for it, so it's still his.

Briggs: You're the one who stole OUR boat!

Eh, whatever, I don't care any more.

Kraden: Ahoy, Briggs!

Briggs: Uh-oh... It's Felix!

Chaucha has to point out that we can't do anything to him, he's on a boat, and we're not.

Chaucha: Wasn't there something you wanted to do the next time you saw Felix? Don't tell me you forgot... It's all you talked about when you were in jail!

Briggs: Oh yeah... I almost forgot.

Chaucha: So now's your chance! Do what you swore to do!

Briggs makes a stupid face.

Briggs: Bleah!

Chaucha: Is that the best you could come up with?

Cue argument. Briggs agrees that that was kinda pathetic.

Briggs: Hey! Felix! You guys take care! And keep Alhafra safe from thieves and pirates! And politicians, too!

No deal. I hate this place.

Briggs: I doubt we'll ever meet again, but if we do, remember this! Neener neener neener! Neener neener neener! Neener neener bleah!

You're an idiot, Briggs. After that, the mayor completely flips out over losing the ship. Then blames everybody, including us. If only we could kill him...

Before we go, we head back to the Alhafran Cave, and head for the jail cell. Well, no wonder Briggs escaped, they were giving him Power Bread! Piers gets the HP boost.

Well, let's go back to Champa. The place has become a lot more lively since Briggs came back with a ton of money. Briggs is standing by the entrance to the caves in the back. A few of his crewmen alert him.

Briggs: What was that!? Felix? Here? Oh no! It's really him! I've got to get out of here!!!

He runs inside, and we follow him upstairs.

Briggs: Hold it right there!

Briggs is here with his grandmother Obaba.

Obaba: Is that boy him? The "mighty warrior" you told me about?

It seems that Briggs has been spouting lies to make us appear more fearsome.

Briggs: If you don't destroy him now, he's going to take me far away, and you won't ever see me again!

Obaba doesn't believe him, but then Briggs says it'll upset Eoleo.

Obaba: Oh, that's just not fair. You know I can't deny my darling great-grandson! I don't see why I should be the one to get you out of this mess, but I can't bear to see Eoleo sad.

Briggs: Grandma, please.

Obaba: Oh, all right. Listen, you have no idea what you're getting into. I think you'd better leave.

Sorry, but I have no objections to fighting old ladies if it'll advance the plot.

Obaba: Stubborn, are you? Ah, well. If that's the way it's going to be, get ready for your medicine! Heart of the earth, fury of the forge's flames, grant me power!

She throws something into the hole near her, and it summons a huge monster! Crap.

This is the Avimander. It can attack twice and lower a few stats, but it's main power comes from hitting you hard with Mars damage. It's weak to Mercury though, so I have quite a few things to help out with in my fight. Jenna, in particular, can deal 200 damage a turn with Cutting Edge.

Obaba: My salamander! You... beat my salamander...

The Avimander then explodes.

Obaba: I thought he was unbeatable... How could this be? How did you do that? What... What are you?

Briggs is whining about how Obaba should be protecting him, but Obaba's got nothing else to protect with. She must be older than Kraden, Briggs, she's not able to fight is.

Briggs: Grandma!!! He's going to take me away! He's a bad guy! You have to do something!

Obaba says that Briggs has to fight us himself. Even if he'll lose horribly.

Kraden: Um, excuse me... There appears to have been a small misunderstanding.

We then point out how Briggs is the bad guy, because, you know, he's a pirate. We also say that we hate Alhafra and are not going to give Briggs to them.

Obaba is really annoyed at this and starts chasing Briggs around the forge.

Briggs: Grandma, it's not what you think! These guys, they...

Obaba: Briggs, you just hush up!!! ...It all makes sense now. The gems, the food, your absence...

Obaba's really annoyed now, as Briggs has been lying to her since he started being a pirate.

Briggs: You're going to take their word over your own grandson's?

Obaba: You got that right! I should have known better than to believe you, you scoundrel!

Chaucha comes and defends Briggs. After all, even if they were pirates, they got the jewels legit and then started paying for everything. That, and they were just saving Champa. We also forgive Briggs, as long as he repays for everything stolen before they found the jewels. After that, Chaucha leaves, taking Briggs with her.

Obaba: So... what brings you to Champa? I mean, you didn't come here to catch Briggs, from what I gathered... Ah, well... To be young and foolish again. If you ever need to consult with me on any number of subjects, you're welcome any time.

We show her one of the prongs.

Obaba: This looks like a weapon! It looks like part of a trident, but it's only one third of the whole thing, it seems... Why... Could it be? Is this the legendary trident of Ankohl?

We give her the other two prongs.

Obaba: Well done! You found all three pieces of the trident! That means I can begin work on reforging the ancient trident of Ankohl! At last! We'll just toss all three pieces in here, shall we?

Obaba tosses all three parts into the forge.

Obaba: That's funny... Nothing happened.

After that, the forge erupts, and the trident is left floating in the forge. We have to use Reveal to get to it.

And so we get the Trident. This is an item that can be used in a certain fight later, and can be equipped to raise Mercury Resistance by 20.

Next time, we'll finally head for Lemuria! See you then.


Felix: Lv 29 Enchanter (Venus) HP:441 PP:182 Attack:340 Defence:189 Agility:189 Luck:12

Jenna: Lv 29 Cavalier (Mars) HP:422 PP:133 Attack:322 Defence:215 Agility:108 Luck:10

Sheba: Lv 28 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:378 PP:183 Attack:280 Defence:187 Agility:165 Luck:12

Piers: Lv 28 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:380 PP:147 Attack:289 Defence:192 Agility:201 Luck:8

Djinn: 6 Venus, 6 Mars, 6 Jupiter, 6 Mercury