Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Aqua Rock

Hi all! Today, we're headed for the eastern edge of the world. This takes us to an island chain known as the Apoji Islands. There's a small town here, so I upgrade my equipment. A lot of people here are talking about Gaia Falls, the huge waterfall that marks the edge of the world.

Looking around, we find a Mint. We give the Agility boost to Jenna.

In the middle of the town, we find a big, blue stone. We cast Douse on it, and it starts a heavy magical storm. The energy flows out of the rivers of the island we're on, and heads for the island with Aqua Rock on it. It moves some statues so we can go through the area.

...My, that was an over the top sequence just to open one of those dreaded rocks.

Anyway, we head to Aqua rock and climb up. Here, streams of water try to push us off, so we either have to wait for them to stop or run diagonally against them. Further up, we reach a pillar we can move in the way of some statues to stop knocking us off.

All that pillar moving just takes us to a dead end. But we can fall down a waterfall here. On the way, Sheba reaches level 22 and learns Blue Bolt.

We find a dried up statue near the waterfall. We cast Douse on it to create a new stream that takes us down to another section of the area below the rock. Here, their is another one of those rain stone things that reverses the flow of the waterfall near it. Psynergy seems to like making water defy gravity. We climb back up the rock to use this upwards waterfall.

We've reached the top of Aqua Rock. We navigate a maze of rocks and puddles to Frost to find the Mist Sabre. We give it to Piers. Continuing through the maze takes us to another one of those rain stones. It opens up the entrance to the Aqua Rock interior.

Aqua Rock is as much of a maze as Air's Rock. Thankfully, I have some idea of where we need to go. We start by heading east then north. It takes us to some air vents and pillars we have to Move to prevent the air knocking us off.

In the next room, we Move a pillar in the way of a statue to lower the water level. It also creates some puddles we can Frost to create the path forward. This takes us to another rain stone. This one creates a path to the west. More vents and pillars.

The room after that involves moving a pillar into position, casting Douse on a statue to fill the area with water, and use the rain stone to create a path forward.

Sheba reaches level 23 and learns Resist.

After continuing on that path for ages, we reach a huge waterfall. Here we navigate around to a pillar we can Move to reach a Tear Stone.

There are several paths we can take in the next room. We start by going west. Another statue to Douse. A few rooms later, we have to push a pillar off a tile we need to raise using a statue.

Further on, we have another pillar moving then Douse puzzle. The path it creates eventually takes us to a Mimic. Too easy. Continuing on this path takes us to another one of those big blue Psynergy Stones (like the one at the bottom of Air's Rock) that would look more in place in Final Fantasy. Especially because Psynergy Stones are supposed to be purple.

Another rain stone in the next room takes us to some Lucky Pepper, which we give to Sheba, and the Aquarius Stone. We reach a pillar a few rooms later where we can use the stone, and it parts the water, opening a path to a tablet.

Wielder of Water's strength... Lay your hands upon this stone. If th'art worthy, the power to drain away the standing water shall be yours.

Th'art? Thou art? Anyway, Piers touches the tablet and learns Parch. Parch can drain away water. We immediately have to try it out to leave the room. We then use it again to get a Rusty Sword.

We then head back northwest to get to a statue we can Parch. We can now go up where the stream it was creating was, and encounter a Mercury Djinn, which we fight and defeat. Piers reaches level 24 and learns Wish Well after the fight.

Jenna found the Mercury Djinni Steam!

Steam gives 10 HP and 5 Attack. In battle, it increases all Adepts Resistances by 40. I give Steam to Piers.

That's it for now. Next time, we head into the frozen wastes of Tundaria.


Felix: Lv 24 Cavalier (Venus) HP:375 PP:129 Attack:274 Defence:185 Agility:117 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 24 Enchanter (Mars) HP:341 PP:140 Attack:269 Defence:164 Agility:116 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 23 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:322 PP:162 Attack:243 Defence:153 Agility:135 Luck:8

Piers: Lv 24 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:312 PP:133 Attack:255 Defence:175 Agility:182 Luck:6

Djinn: 5 Venus, 4 Mars, 4 Jupiter, 6 Mercury