Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Dehkan Plateau

Hello! Last time, we found out that we can probably get a ship in Madra, and that Alex is not a party member. So let's head to Madra, then.

The path to Madra is through the Dehkan Plateau, southeast of Daila. The start is very linear, and we have to walk over a crack, falling into the caves below. Said caves below contain a path to a Full Metal Vest.

Remember, if you need me to clarify on an item or equipment, just ask.

Further on, they are grey pillars here, if we jump on them twice, they collapse. There's also an odd cone sticking out of the ground we can't do anything with. A bit of careful crack navigation lets us get around it though. But I fail navigating the cracks on purpose to get a Mint. Felix gets the Agility boost.

We come up to more of those grey pillars here. This is just boring. By taking the right path, however, we get the Themis Axe. This game throws a lot of Artifacts at us compared to the first game.

More cracks. I fail on purpose again to see a Mars Djinn going around. It tries to run, but falls down a crack. We have no choice but to fall down a different crack. We follow the Djinn, which continues to run from us.

You know, while the puzzles may be the same tedium, at least the Djinn are smart enough to try and get away from us.

We go around a bridge to try and intercept the Djinn, but he uses Pound to knock down one of those cones and runs off.

The Djinn fell into another crack, but we can't follow him as he used some of those grey pillars. So we have to make our own path by using Move on a few pillars.

We follow the Djinn down into the caverns, but we don't go straight after it. Instead, we go out and drop down a crack near the one it fell down earlier. This knocks it away from us, but also gets it to drop the Pound Cube! Pound hits something into the ground.

We follow the Djinn, and use Pound to stop it from escaping over one of those cones. Now that it can't escape, it fights us. It's weak to Mercury, but Felix and Jenna are at too low a level to have Mercury attacks in their classes. -_- Doesn't mean we don't beat it though.

Felix found the Mars Djinni Cannon!

Cannon gives 10 HP and 3 Attack. In battle, it performs a Mars Attack plus 40 damage.

We also get the Mars Summon. For 1 Mars Djinn, it attacks at 30 Mars Power plus 3% of the target's max HP, then increases the user's Mars Power by 10.

Felix gets Cannon, and I give Fog to Jenna. Felix becomes a Brute. This was mainly so I waste as few Djinn as possible, but as always, your ideas will override mine (except for bosses).

Now we can head out.

Jenna reaches Level 8 and learns Sword Card.

And we're out! There's a ship near the exit, so we have a look at it.

Once Kraden sees it, he automatically thinks that it's Menardi's ship. But they obviously didn't sail it here, they're dead. Kraden thinks it might have drifted here, but Felix says no because he's a lying dick.

I promise that all of this disagreement with Kraden will pay off.

Kraden: How else could it have come to be here, Felix?


Unfortunately, we don't have the orb required to use the ship, so we have to leave it here.

OK, that's it for now, see you later.


Felix: Lv 8 Brute HP:105 PP:30 Attack:86 Defence:29 Agility:48 Luck:1

Jenna: Lv 8 Pierrot HP:108 PP:36 Attack:49 Defence:38 Agility:58 Luck:6

Sheba: Lv 7 Seer (Jupiter) HP:77 PP:65 Attack:39 Defence:41 Agility:40 Luck:5

Djinn: 1 Venus, 1 Mars, 1 Jupiter, 1 Mercury