Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas


The E.N.D.: Boom Boom Pow

So now we arrive at The E.N.D., an acronym for The Energy Never Dies. Apparently it's supposed to break away from the concept of an album by making it a diary of music and it features more "electronic, soulful" sounds. Pretty deep sounding stuff, but what does it really amount to in practice?

Well, if the first single, Boom Boom Pow, is any indication, it amounts to including more of that annoying repetition and Fergie's vocals that made My Humps so widely reviled. Of course, that won a Grammy and was a #1 hit, So Yeah.

The entire chorus consists of "Boom Boom Boom" to an electronic beat, which gets irritating fast. The verses essentially brag about how futuristic their music is (really? Synthesizeritis does not good futuristic music make, and that was omnipresent already in the 80's) and features some of the worst Fergie vocals to date. Admittedly the music video is weirdly intriguing with the touch screen at the beginning and the crazy images though.

For the record, this was the song that inspired me to write this liveblog, considering I had to hear this damn tune constantly at the dorm.