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Scouts of St. Sebastian: UK EP

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In 2005, back when fans like me still thought the release of Havalina's next album was just around the corner, Matt Wignall announced that he had recorded something on the side. Or rather, his wife Judita had recorded something and Matt had helped.

Previously, Judita was the front(wo)man of the Halo Friendlies, a rock band who put out some CD's on Jackson Rubio, and at least one on Tooth & Nail Records. I heard a few Halo Friendlies songs. Didn't care much for them. But this thing, a 4-song EP recorded on the side as a lark, was different. It's garage rock, recorded entirely with analogue equipment... but for some reason, only ever released on mp3. Initially, it was a free download on the band's myspace page.

And here's where it gets complex, my lovelies... Judita Wignall was not just a musician; she was also a motion-capture model. Specifically, she was the motion-capture model for the character Judy Nails from the Guitar Hero series. As a favor to Judita, the song "In Love" was included as a bonus track in Guitar Hero III. Around the time this was announced, the Scouts myspace page updated: the EP's name was changed to In Love EP (probably to cash in on the increased exposure of the song, though I can't prove it), and two songs (the title track and "The Order of Things") were remixed with more vocal harmonies. It was announced that they were actually going to sell the whole think on CD.

Naturally, the CD never came out.

We're going to listen to the original version. Because I don't like it when things change.

"Driving Blind": FACE-CRUSHING DISTORTION. Like shoegazing, only not. And sorta-breathy vocals by Judita, singing sweet, sweet lyrics like...
Think I'm driving blind, / think it's so divine, / now you're gonna die.

"In Love": This song is much more bass-driven.
Maybe I'm to blame / for walking on razor blades / and tearing myself apart
Maybe she's being metaphorical.

"The Order of Things": My favorite track on here. Leaner and meaner, with a prominent keyboard countermelody in the chorus.
I know we're worlds apart / but I'm watching you from above. / Wherever you are / I'll be your star. / I'll follow you / through the dark.
So the narrator is dead, and saying that they still love the hearer from beyond the grave. That's... sweet... I guess.

"Under the Waves": Let's slow things down for the final track.
Find me in my grave / under the waves
Great! Every single track on here is a morbid love song! What is the deal with these people?!

I kid. I love these songs, and if the band were to release CD version for real I would buy it in a heartbeat.

If you only listen to one song ...why? The whole thing is 17 minutes long.