Let's Play (and snark at) Riviera: The Promised Land!

Shield Of Doom

In Which Not Much Happens Here Yet

Welcome back! Today, we're going to start heading through Tetyth, which is the game's obligatory water level. Despite that, I think it's the best part of the game as a whole.

For the record, this is what it sounds like.

Another thing I should note: Einherjar has gained some power after offing Lindwurm, bringing it to a power of 100.

So, with that out of the way, it's time to enter stage 4-1: Lake Cavern. Cierra explains that the city is currently inhabited by the Undines, and I'm given control. First, though, I master those weapons I got to get these Over Skills:

  • Moon Wand: Holy Magic: Level 1, 3-hit magic holy-elemental attack, power of 88, absorbs HP from the target
  • Cross Lance: Trinity Strike: Level 2, 3-hit physical holy-elemental attack, power of 129, unblockable
  • Thunder Blade: Lightning Strike: Level 3, 5-hit physical lightning-elemental attack, power of 114

  • Thunder Blade: Spark Edge: Level 1, 3-hit magic lightning-elemental attack, power of 83, can't hit flying enemies
  • Cross Lance: Holy Edge: Level 1, 2-hit magic holy-elemental attack, power of 93, Mot-Vit
  • Moon Wand: Silver Syphon: Level 2, 4-hit magic holy-elemental attack, power of 93, absorbs HP from the target, can't hit flying enemies

  • Cross Lance: Milky Way: Level 1, 2-hit magic holy-elemental attack, power of 137

  • Thunder Blade: High Voltage: Level 1, 3-hit magic lightning-elemental attack, power of 80
  • Cross Lance: White Flash: Level 2, 4-hit magic holy-elemental attack, power of 87, can't hit flying enemies

  • Thunder Blade: Thunder Blade: Level 1, 2-hit magic lightning-elemental attack, power of 121
  • Moon Wand: Holy Blast: Level 3, 5-hit magic holy-elemental attack, power of 137, last attack hits all, absorbs HP from the target

Now then, time to head forward. The first screen has nothing, but the second has some slimes to kill. As it turns out, they can't stand up to Cierra's mighty power, though the Slime Ball they dropped is thoroughly useless in every way.

After the fight, I look around and find a grasshopper. I catch it in a command minigame for 2000 points.

Moving on, I enter Look mode on the next screen to learn that the water in the lake above might flood the area. Cierra claims she's kidding about this, but upon further examination we discover that there's water falling through the ceiling. I'd say that's a sign that we should move on to stage 4-2: Sinking Island.

Upon entering, I'm treated to a scene somewhere else showing two colour-coded demon kinds wearing bandages, gloves, boots, and hats. One of them is wearing red, and the other is wearing blue. They talk for a bit about their plan to "make Ein suffer" for murdering demons, with dialogue that firmly establishes the red one as the brains of the pair. I'll also say that they're brother and sister, and the red one's the girl. Anyway, they open some gate or another, the consequences of which will be felt throughout the chapter.

Now, I could examine things here, but the only thing to examine is a rock that would cause me to fall in the water and wreck my book. Instead, I move on to the next screen and fight the spider and beetle awaiting me. They go down easily enough.

After the fight, Fia notices that the water level is supposedly rising. As such, it is probably the worst time ever to stop and do anything potentially time-consuming. This, of course, means that we can stop and go fishing.

I should note that Lina refers to Rose by her actual name here, despite never hearing it thus far. She also reacts to Rose as if she understood her. Sting Entertainment's ability to keep their plot points straight never ceases to amaze me.

One timing minigame later, Ein has a fish and 4000 more points. In addition to that, I can also pick up another Rock on this screen, which mocks me with its 500-point bonus.

Moving on, the team encounters a treasure chest. Before I can open it, though, a POIsonous snake appears out of nowhere! After a command minigame to get rid of it, I get a global affection boost and 3000 points.

I then ignore the chest and move on, because I happen to know that it contains another worthless Tarot.

Tune in next time, and we'll enter Tetyth itself.


Well, Lina does happen to be the youngest member of the group, and this wouldn't be the first story where some tyke from the country seems to connect with the animals around him/her. But the part about knowing Rose's name? Yeah...unless Ein said something off-camera, we can probably blame this on Sting.

Also, I feel the need to agree with your opinion that this part of the game. Good music, interesting events, a sense of urgency for those that don't know what actions will only waste their time...the whole level is quite nice indeed.
EndarkCuli 1st Jun 11
According to the game, Fia is actually younger than Lina. 6th Jan 12