Let's Play (and snark at) Riviera: The Promised Land!

Shield Of Doom

Elendia III: With a Vengeance

Welcome back. Last time, we fought the third Accursed, who died after exactly two attacks and less than a hundred damage to my party.

The really sad thing is that he isn't even the wimpiest Accursed.

Anyway, it's time to do what we always do after a dungeon crawl: go around Elendia looking for people who have stuff for us.

The first thing I do is talk to CoCo, who "accidentally" tells Ein that Fia and Lina are off bathing. The end result of this is that I have four actions to get to Undine Spring to see the bath scene.

...so, since I already made it clear that I'm not going to do anything with that scene, I'll go there after doing everything else.

First, I head to the Pixia Residence, where I find Molan for Mylene, receiving some useless Earrings (raise hit rate for anyone but Ein) for my trouble. I then talk to Kyle, who gives me a Fishing Rod that will be key to getting something whose usefulness is invalidated by the 4 item per battle limit. I also talk to Gill, who has a Pouch for me to store the fish I catch in.

I then talk to Chappi about turning the Thunder Onyx into a weaponry upgrade. He takes my old Flamberg and turns it into a Thunder Blade.

My next stop is the caverns, where I give Ritz my butterflies. He talks about how they'll locate crystals for a bit (I swear this is worth it in the end). While I'm here, I talk to Cierra (who's at the Magic Guild). After suggesting that she study with Ein for an affection boost, I talk to Soala about finishing that staff she was making. With the Golden Egg we got, she's able to finish the Moon Wand with ease (and I can replace my old Ruby Staff).

I then head to the Grove of Repose to get rid of the mushrooms I picked up. Reiche trades each of them for an item. What kind of item, you ask? Well...

...he gives me a Magna Rock for each of them. Magna Rocks do 40 damage to a random target, with a chance of maybe doing extra elemental damage (the element depends on the user). I shouldn't have to explain why I'm not keeping them.

Now, I head to Undine Spring, just in time to catch Fia and Lina as they're leaving. After an obligatory "ein wants to see the girls naked this is funny" moment, Fia mentions that Graham was looking for us.

Now, we head to Graham's place, where Ladie is waiting to apologize for supposedly being disrespectful to Ein. She then gives me the Cross Lance to replace my old Ice Javelin, because I managed to get more than 130000 points in Nelde. Now, points will never matter again.

Upon entering Graham's house, he thanks Ein for killing Lindwurm, which is something a blind housecat could do if it had a Diviner. Anyway, Ein then talks about the rumours of demons invading Tetyth, which would make more sense if I'd actually bothered to hear them, but whatever.

At any rate, it doesn't take long for our next destination to be set, because they honestly weren't going to mention the place if they didn't have us going there at some point. Besides, it's the best lead we have on the fourth Accursed, and you know what that means: it'll be there.

Ein's party departs from Elendia after learning the whereabouts of another Accursed. They then journey next to the sunken city of Tetyth.

Legend has it that Tetyth was submerged because its inhabitants angered the gods.

As a representative of Asgard, Ein approaches the city with heavy footsteps and a heavy heart...

Next time, I'll start chapter 4: Sunken Wisdom.


Oh, those mushrooms. Once per playthrough playthrough, you can one of the following with them:

  • Eat them on the spot; possibly dangerous without the book
  • Identify them, take them back to Elendia, and get one batch of rocks per shroom
  • Don't identify them, take them back, and trade all 3 at once for...well, something special

And the third of those options has always bugged me, mostly because it has to do with unlocking all of those Extra options in the main menu...
EndarkCuli 1st Jun 11