Let's Play (and snark at) Riviera: The Promised Land!

Shield Of Doom

Continuing Onward

Just to make things absolutely clear, voting won't close until the end of Chapter 1, so anyone interested should go right ahead.

All right, time to start stage 1-2: Skywalk.

Upon entering, Ein wonders aloud to himself if the area he's in was a temple. Whatever the case, there's an incredibly out-of-place-looking treasure chest on the first screen, which is promptly opened. It contains another set of 3 Potions, which I'll probably never get around to actually using.

The next screen contains some more demons. Rose tells Ein, "Go get 'em, wingless angel!" Ein then gets annoyed that Rose called him that, whilst revealing to the audience that he got his Diviner in exchange for his wings. Ledah and Rose then explain how to learn more powerful attacks (Over Skills). Basically, you need to use items until you've "mastered" them, which takes an arbitrary number of uses based on how strong the attack you'll learn is supposed to be. The game now shows two little blocks under Ein's HP bar when I select Einherjar, indicating that he needs to use it twice to learn something with it. After the battle, Ein learns how to use an Over Skill, Double Slash. He also gains some HP, Strength, and Vitality. This game doesn't have traditional levels, so learning new Over Skills is your main source of stat bonuses. Unfortunately, Einherjar's the only thing I have right now that Ein can master, but he'll get there.

Also, I might as well go over the stats this game uses. There are 4 of them (excluding HP):

STR(ength): This determines physical damage inflicted and received.

M(a)G(i)C: This determines magical damage inflicted and received.

AG(i)L(ity): This determines how quickly you get to move in battle, and there's almost no Over Skills that grant it.

VIT(ality): This factors into physical defence somehow, and every Over Skill you learn grants one point of it.

Generally, Over Skills provide bonuses to whichever damage stat they run off of.

Anyway, there's also a pile of rubble on this screen, which I examine to find a rock. The game then mocks me for taking the thing by giving me a comically low number of points (which I've neglected to mention up to now because they do nothing outside of one specific thing later on).

The next screen doesn't have anything on it, but it does contain a conversation where Ein talks about how he sacrificed his wings to get his Diviner. Rose asks what Ledah lost, but he dodges the question (please don't spoil it if you know). I'm then presented with 2 paths, so I take the one going left. It's blocked on the next screen, but there's rubble on the ground to examine.

Examining the rubble reveals that there's something shiny stuck in it. Looking at it again reveals that it's a Mana Wisp. Rose says that they're balls of energy formed from the power of the Sprites, the inhabitants of Riviera. The important thing is that you gain its power by touching it. In this case, "power" takes the form of bonuses to every stat for every party member (10 HP and 1 point for everything else; these are almost the only way to get more Agility). The game also gives me 3000 points for finding it.

Bactracking, I take the other path at the intersection, heading right. Ein notices a cavern ahead, and Rose immediately complains about how long this is taking. The screen contains an open chest, which I examine because I have TP to spare. Rose warns Ein about trapped treasure chests, something I will become infuriated by in the chapters to come.

With that out of the way, I continue onward.

I should be able to cover more ground in the next update, now that I've got most of the mechanics out of the way.


Oh, those darn Wisps and whatnot. I thought it was unique and interesting that the amount of things you can explore is directly connected to your performance in battles, and that you could easily miss some things by spending your points unwisely...or in some cases, 'seemingly' wisely. But I must admit, it does make a certain list a pain to fill out, even with more than one playthrough. Best of luck with it!
EndarkCuli 4th May 11