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ITT: Gelzo sucks at MTG draft picks.

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Scars Draft #1
Here goes. I'll take my time to make the decisions, but I won't consult any FA Qs during this.

First pick:

I'm not impressed with the rare in this pack, but there are some good options. Revoke Existence and Tel-Jilad Fallen strike me as the two most powerful cards, but the uncommon artifacts also look nice.

Hmm... pro-artifacts is pretty tempting. Even if it does make me tempted to stick with infect even when it wouldn't be a good idea.

I'm going to go with the poisonous elf and hope my neighbors like the white removal I left them enough to leave the infect cards alone. He'll be a great blocker against metalcraft even if I decide against infect.

Second pick:

Tough choice. No infect creatures...

Carapace Forger is a good card for metalcraft, and it fits the other color I picked. Strider Harness might make my deck quicker and hit metalcraft.

Then again, Acid Web Spider has a nice P/T and would help me deal with fliers. I think I'll pick it. The two cards I have ought to work fine with whatever green cards I get.

Third pick:

Good options here... I don't like the goblin much even though it has infect. It's one mana too costly for it to be tempting right now. The Myr looks nice and on color, but I don't think he's going to be necessary.

I'm tempted to take another Tel-Jilad Fallen, but I have a feeling I could pick up another one later, and the mana Myr and Dispense Justice aren't going to make it back to me.

Panic Spellbomb is also a nice card if I go with infect, but I don't think it trumps the other cards I want at this point.

Aw hell, I'm just going to go with the Fallen again and hope it sends a strong message.

4th pick:

Tumble Magnet? Nice. Seems like a safe pick.

5th pick:

Couldn't hurt to stock up on Tainted Strikes, right? The Archers are tempting, but I don't think they're as important.

6th pick:

Neat. More of those cards I haven't picked when I had the chance.

Carrion Call and Alpha Tyrranax are both nice. I think I'm going to pick the Call even though I already have two green 4 CMC cards. I figure the versatility and relative rarity of the card makes it a fair choice.

7th pick:

Weird. What's a Riddlesmith doing here this late?

Eh... I don't know if Wing Puncture is worth it. I think I might be safer with a decent card in another color.

Shit. I clicked the Wayfarer by accident.

Fuckin' roommate bumped into my arm.


8th pick:

I'm starting to realize that Wizards likes portmanteaus nearly as much as Wikipedia.

Carrion Call seems like a bad choice to pick again, but my other choices aren't much better. The Forger is going to be a Grizzly Bears in my deck if I pick it, and the Thresher is worse than the Tyrranax and open to artifact hate.

I'm going with the Forger, just because I think it'll help me round out my mana curve.

9th pick:

Starting to see some old friends here.

Really? Revoke Existence didn't get picked? Maybe Arrest really is better. It certainly would be against infect decks.

Meh, I'll grab it.

10th pick:

Halt Order seems the most powerful card here. I know from experience that Turn Aside isn't as helpful at protecting your dudes in limited as you'd think. Vault Skyward would be great with infected fatties... I'll pick it and see what happens later.

11th pick:

Pretty crappy, though it occurs to me I could use Relic Putrescence with Tumble Magnet. And maybe Corrupted Harvester isn't so bad if I can stick a tainted strike on him.

I think the Putrescence is a better pick.

12th pick:

Tainted Strike sounds good... I want more than one so I can get them more easily, and I'm hoping to get some better fatties than a Thresher. Wait a minute, what was the third card? Oh well...

13th pick:

Hmm... Gonna go with... Scoria Elemental. An odd choice maybe, but if I can get a tainted strike on it...

14th pick:


And the last pack had a land tongue

No harm in continuing this later. Looks like I can make a workable deck with green as the main color and splashing some others- likely at least black.
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Neat, a draft.

Let's see...I would've stuck with the Arrest in pack 1 simply because it's removal and I don't force infect. I guess Tel Jilad is quite the bomb in Limited, though.

Third pick for me would be Copper Myr. Good infect decks are fast, and the Myr helps get to the point where you drop two infect guys a turn.

Fifth pick would be Vector Asp so you can drop an infector on turn 1. I guess arguments could be made for the Strider Harness though.

Pick 8 should be the Carrion Call. I wouldn't see myself playing the Carapace Forger if I was already pretty deep in Infect.

Pick 11 would be the Spellbomb. A cantrip is better than Putrescence in my opinion.

And you probably know this already, but you should have hated on the Loxodon Wayfarers because of their toughness.

In general, your infect deck seems to have quite a top-heavy curve right now. I think you'll need some slightly cheaper guys like Plague Stinger, Cystbearer, etc. going into Pack 2. And take those Corpse Curs fairly highly.
KKSlider 16th Dec 10
Good points.

Hate? Does that mean pick them so the opponents don't have any?
Gelzo 16th Dec 10
KKSlider 16th Dec 10 (edited by: KKSlider)
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