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Two chapters for the price of one.

Chapter 194: Conquistadores 5: La Basura

First I’d to apologize of the quality of the scans here, but all of sites I commonly check have the same (bad) version of this chapter, so I decided just tolerate it. Going over things quickly, Yoruichi beats [[Yammy into the ground, and then tends to Orihime. Yammy gets back up, and charges the beam attack known as ‘cero’. he’s confident that she got hit, but Urahara stepped and stopped it. Urahara’s counter attack is stopped by Ulquiorra, who’s now moving for the first time. He beats Yammy, probably because everyone was doing it and he was feeling left out, and then opens the portal out of there, saying he already finished his mission and that Ichigo turned out to not be worth killing. The portal closes behind him and Yammy and the chapter ends.

Chapter 195: Death and Strawberry (reprise)

It’s the next day, and we see Urahara arriving home, and seeing Yoruichi eating inside. Apparently, she actually hurt her arm and leg on Yammy’s skin, meaning she won’t be able to fight for a while. Looks like the Arrancar are stronger than they predicted. Over at the school, Orihime claims she fell down the stairs. Ichigo walks up to her, but backs down, Prompting Orihime to run off. Ichigo reflects on how let Chad, Orihime and Tatsuki almost get killed, but then some unexpected people show up. Ichigo is understandably surprised, so Renji explains that they’re there to help fight the Arrancar. Ichigo sees a hand at the window, and it’s none other than Rukia!

Alright, titles: ‘La Basura’, according to a shoddy internet translator, means ‘The Garbage’, so ‘Trash’, Ulquiorra’s little catch phrase, referring specially to how it applies to Ichigo here, I think. ‘Death and Strawberry’ is name of the very first chapter, and the words refer to Rukia and Ichigo, respectively, who first met in that chapter. In this chapter, they have their reunion in the human world, so it’s their ‘reprise’. Anyway, am I the only one who finds that Ulquiorra’s thoughts in earlier chapters contradict his words here? I mean, he was impressed with how Ichigo cut off Yammy’s arm, and acknowledged that at his best Ichigo was stronger than him, and then suddenly he’s ‘trash not even worth killing?’ What gives? Well, my theory on the matter is that this statement makes a lot more sense if you add a mental ‘as he is now’ in front. If Ulquiorra’s mission hadn’t been to ‘kill’ Ichigo, but rather to observe his growth and ‘current’ power level, then things make a lot more sense. Of course, that still leaves the question of why Aizen wouldn’t want Ichigo dead, but you’ll have to take my word for it that there’s a good reason for that. And meanwhile, poor Ichigo! Now he’s not just afraid of Hichigo taking over, he’s also feeling guilty for letting his friends get hurt, ashamed because of how he got beaten by Yammy, suspicious of Shinji and the Vizard, and probably stupid because of he has no idea who or what the Arrancar are, despite everyone one else seeming to. Simply put, the guy has a lot on his mind right now.



I believe Ulquiorra does specify the "as he is now" when giving his report in a later chapter.
Gilphon 11th Dec 10

Really? Cool. Nice to know I'm not completely full of shit.
Gilphon 11th Dec 10
"He beats Yammy, probably because everyone was doing it and he was feeling left out" I found this line hilarious! Really liking this blog.
Saiga 18th Aug 11