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Third Time Is Not the Charm! Rika Liveblogs The Prayer Warriors: Threat of Satanic Communism!
Part 1: Imagine
Confusing Lennon for Lenin? This author is either the most dedicated troll or the most insane person I have ever seen.
Ooooh goodness... this will be horrible. And yet I can't look away.

I'm pretty sure Conversion Fics are a (kind of)sub-trope of Easy Evangelism.
Please tell me this fic is a Poe. As a history buff, I fervently hope so. Oh please...
Jill Pole was a character from two of the later Narnia books. And a good guy...girl. I'm going to assume he means someone else.
Part 3: Gorn and Sexism!
Erm... it seems that a lot of the battle scenes bear a strong similarity to The Iliad. Except The Iliad was a hell of a lot better.
President Obama is a Democrat, so the Democrats are probably evil sinners too.
Part 5: More Fun with History Fails!
I told you about his revival shtick, I told ya, dog!

How appropriate. This is the Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff of religious fanfic. :-P
1. Jezebel forced the Israelites to worship Ashtaroth and Baal, NOT Zeus. 2. Elijah did NOT tell the people to start an uprising. The only thing that was close to that description is when he told the crowd to slay the prophets of Ashtaroth and Baal. 3. Jezebel was NOT killed by an uprising. She was killed by being thrown out of a window by her own servants and Jehu ran her over with his chariot. 4. There was no way Jezebel's body could be dragged anywhere, because the dogs ate her body, something the prophet Elijah himself said would happen.

It's really astounding how much Thomas doesn't know about the Bible he claims to serve.
Part 7: The Worst is Yet to Come
"Evil gods of the geeks" is almost as good a typo as "foul breasts." Almost.
Part 8: The Only Reason Why You're Bothering to Read This
Did someone run that 'fight scene' through Babelfish a few times? It reads like it was translated to Cantonese and back.
Apparentally, according to the Discussion for this series, it may sound like he ran it through a foreign version of The Iliad (or The Odyssey), copypasting it.

...which, if it's true, actually makes the fight scene a lot worse than when I initially praised it. Despite Prayer Warriors!Rika actually not going down like a damn punk.
Ha, eat it Jerry. That is why you don't mess with troppers. We know where all the plot holes are.
Finale+ ~WTF Ending Mix~: Sad That I Guessed It
When I finished reading this series, I had a dream that very night about Smiledog screaming at me to "SPEAD THE WORD." I'd like to think that's proof that this series should qualify as a Brown Note.

Also, Chapter 5 of Evil Gods II is out, and it's taken a nosedive thanks to Ebony not being in the picture for that one. We'll have to see if it stays like that.
Yeah, I've just read the sixth chapter and I think it's taken even worse nosedive than the chapter before. At the moment I am doing a liveblog of The Prayer Ponies (Thomas Brown's cousin fanfic), but I'll leave The Evil God II for you Arcadiarika.
Ah, excellent. And good luck.
Yeah, I think I will need a lot of luck. Hopefully I will keep my insanity at the end, although Ebony's stuff is not as bat shit crazy as Thomas's stuff. I was wondering though, will you write a Liveblog for Part 2 since its gone down hill? It'd be interesting to see what you think of his new stuff.
Already done. As much as I didn't really, really want to. You can look for it for yourself on the liveblogging list.
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