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I Desperately Hope that I Won't Regret This Purchase
In Which I Poorly Justify my Decision to Read This Thing
I'm reading.
In The Beginning
Geez, war, much?

I couldn't resist.
Hideously pretentious opening, away!
Hrothgar! Now that's a name for a king.
I actually did check that last date. Brisingr specifically said that Eragon's mother died while Brom was away chasing down Saphira's egg. If Arya has been carrying the egg around for 25 years, then Eragon's mother died at least that long ago.

Now remember that Eragon is supposed to be 15.
Notice of Suspension
Snowy, if I help you with this, do you think we could get through this? I read the book already.
We can try, I guess. We'll talk it over at lunch.
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