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An exercise in masochism: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Hard Mode
Maiden of Miracles
A friend and I have played Path of Radiance on Hard, and Radiant Dawn on Normal, but never have we even attempted the challenge which you now face. I share your obsession with keeping characters alive, and do hope that you are able to protect your army in the battles ahead, though a casualty here and there might be required given the circumstances. Godspeed, SC Bracer...or should I say Goddess-speed, given the world of Tellius?
Thank you! I don't intend to let anyone die though. We shall all prevail together!

A Distant Voice
Ah, hidden treasure. Remember the good ol' days, when there was only one battle per game in a desert, and all of the game's hidden items were in it? But in this game, from the previous chapter onwards (a single coin, says my Prima guide), there's always one or two items you can pick up that are rarely worth the time it takes to search for them. An Olivi Grass here, a Concoction's like some crazy adventurer stocked up on knick-knacks and forgot that there were holes in both of his pockets.

Anyways, I'm still enjoying your tales of strife and turmoil in the world of Tellius. Best of luck; by the sound of that 'Next Time' bit, you're going to need it.
Yes, that's right - you can pick up the oddest items just lying around the ground. My favourite would be Ike's exclusive weapon sitting behind a Ballista.
The Lost Heir
Actually, I believe one of the "disadvantages" of forging in the American version is that you cannot exploit an oversight in the Japanese version when you get the Silver Card. It allows you to buy items for the same price as selling them, so you could just buy and resell items over and over to get as many points as you wanted. But the system being actually balanced in the US version still makes up for it.
Raise the Standard: Base Prep
On the topic of Jill's bonuses, I think only Sothe gets a direct transfer. For everyone else, I think you need to max the stat in Path, and you get a bonus to that stat in Dawn. Bit of a con, all things considered, but at least it's something to show for your trouble.

Good to hear that your pain has subsided, at least for now. Best of luck with the next couple of fights!
Yeah, I know. She had enough capped stats to get those +2s though - like in strength, which she really needs right around now, hence my irritation with her. I wish capped stats transferred regardless of level, provided that the unit was promoted.
A Gathering Hope
Considering the manner in which they leave the party at the end of part 1, it would have made sense for them to show up in part 3.

Imagine the end of chapter 3-12 with this game's Camus being interrupted by a Meteor spell and a Raven instead of the Hawks...
Alas, poor Tormod; you can move farther than any other man, but ironically, you're always just a few steps behind everyone else.
Glory Unwanted
...Broken! ...Broken! There; I said it twice, and with emphasis where requested. And it's an accurate statement, if I do say so myself. Oh, to count all the opportunities where Naliah could be useful is akin to counting the stars in the sky.

Getting back on track, congrats for making such process with less difficulty than you had worried about. Let's just hope that lady luck keeps smiling for the next couple of battles as well.
Endgame: Daein Arise!
Farewell speedy Micaiah, and hello to the shortest Chapter of the game! Terribly sorry to hear that the Random Number Gods kinda messed up Nolan, but at least there's always other axe-wielders to use if his luck continues to be poor. Best of luck with the new set of characters that you'll be controlling next time!
Eh, he's turned out fairly decent. He just refused to kill things properly in the chapter (Jill clearly stole all his luck).

Geoffrey's Charge
Speaking of Geoffrey and Elincia's "Knightly Romance", it's a tad absurd just how many special support endings there are between people you'd have to go out of your way to train up. And is it really worth it just to see a different two-sentence messages at the end of the game, when it's much easier to just type up a shipping fanfic for any pair you want?
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