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Ivalice Illusion: Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!
[1] Wimps in Winter

I always called him Marche. :/
Awesome! Finally, an FFTA liveblog :D
Sad to see this doesn't really seem to be all that active for the past month, but I am glad to see this—thanks for rekindling my interest in this awesome game, brb playing it forever \o/
[2] Scuffle with the Scaled
*Has no idea why this comment exists, or why it was originally blank*
Sabbo (edited by: Sabbo)
...Admittedly though, I - unlike what I did with "Marche" - don't keep the default clan name. I don't remember what I called it last time I played, but if I play again it'll be Centurio, after the FFTA 2 clan of the same name which Montblanc heads.
[3] Monsters and Medicine
Wonderful job so far, if I do say so myself. Personally, I never considered myself good at this game; while I excelled in "War Of The Lions" and "Tactics Ogre", in which the actions of an individual determined its growth, I felt that I always had to grind for AP just to make a decent party.

By the way, if I may be permitted to ask, do you have any grand plans for how you make the map of Ivalice? I think I remember good things happening if you make certain patterns, but that can be tricky without some kind of guide to reference.
I don't have much of a plan for that, but I think I at least want the Mindu Gem and Zeus Mace.
[5] Exploits and Escapes
What kind of goal do you have that you'd refuse those members based on measly - and fixable - things such being slow?
As I've mentioned before, Speed is a critically important statistic - I understand why, but it would take a while to explain; suffice it to say that all the HP, MP, Defense, and Resistance in the world won't save you if your enemies get two turns each before you get one.

The other thing is that I neglect to mention that our clan in its current state is unable to effectively use Morphers. They use the Soul weapon type, and you can only get Souls in one very specific way.
(And it certainly won't save your enemies when you get two turns for every one they do).
Well I guess it's true that you can't really use Morphers yet. Even when you do finally get some captured enemies Morphers will be of little use.

(On the other hand of course, they're very powerful if you put in the effort to make them as such)
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