Ivalice Illusion: Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!

Awe Striker

[2] Scuffle with the Scaled

When Amiah wakes up, he has no idea where he is.

Amiah: Huh? Where am I?

Shut up, Amiah.

It's some kind of town or city place. He doesn't get very far without bumping into an orange lizard person.

Amiah: Y-You're a lizard!

Shut up, Amiah.

The lizardman is clearly offended and probably about to punch someone.

Offscreen Voice: Kupo! There you are, kupo!

Get used to it. Moogles always talk like this. The moogle tells Amiah to apologize, saving his skin with an excuse.

The bangaa yells at them to hold up, claiming that Amiah is a soldier and asks for an engagement.

Amiah has no clue what he's talking about.

Amiah: Huh? What's going on?

Shut up, Amiah.

The lizard guy (actually one of two) punches the moogle in the face. See, he was about to punch someone.

Amiah realizes that he's been challenged to battle. The moogle then calls him Captain Obvious and refers to the judge and Laws, which Amiah knows nothing about.

Amiah: Judge...? Laws...?

Shut up, Amiah.

The moogle expresses actual concern over this, and says that the laws today forbid the use of items. More about them later.

Combat continues. Amiah slashes at things with a sword and the moogle, whose name is Montblanc, casts spells and stuff. The two lizardmen (hereafter Bangaa, their proper name) just hit stuff with their sword and/or fist. Eventually, Amiah kills one of them. This action awards him a Judge Point (JP), which are used for exactly two things: 1) combo attacks and 2) a thing that doesn't come up until later.

Trivia: The punching Bangaa always seems to be named Lunais. No idea why.

Shortly thereafter, Lunais is knocked out, ending the battle.

Then he sits up in a cutscene and drinks a potion. This somehow earns him a one-way ticket to prison in the form of a giant red card. Amiah somehow has never heard "the slammer" used as slang for jail before.

Amiah and Montblanc make small talk after the battle. They manage to confuse each other, because the town Amiah is from and the strange country he is now in have the same name - Ivalice. Eventually, Amiah comes to the conclusion that this new country is just like a video game he has or has seen.

Montblanc then takes a school-age young man to a pub, in a display of rather poor judgment. He takes us in to meet with his Clan, which is just a bunch of people that do stuff together. Amiah asks to join it, and just like that, he's in.

You are then given the opportunity to name the clan. Its default name is "Clan Nutsy", but that name is stupid. Furthermore, it will always be "Clan _________", even though the "Clan" only shows up a few times. Clans you come across later in the game get names like "X Band", "X Sect", "X Faction", just a name with no title there... why can't you choose those? That always bugged me.

I choose to call it "Clan Euphoria". I could have spelled it with an F instead, but I don't want to give myself the appearance that I'm completely obsessed with a game I've never played.

With that, we are taken to the World Map.

The map in this game consists of discrete locations ("nodes") which have symbols on them representing different regions. Most of them are blank, but there's one we're standing on, Cyril, and another to the south, the Giza Plains. The game also gives us the Sprohm location marker, which has to be placed in a blank node before we do anything else. I put it in the node east of one on an island for no particular reason.

Next time: The game starts winding up... finally.


*Has no idea why this comment exists, or why it was originally blank*
Sabbo 31st Aug 11 (edited by: Sabbo)
...Admittedly though, I - unlike what I did with "Marche" - don't keep the default clan name. I don't remember what I called it last time I played, but if I play again it'll be Centurio, after the FFTA 2 clan of the same name which Montblanc heads.
Sabbo 31st Aug 11