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Let's Play Touhoumon Aqua+Yui Version
Rai Catches A Touhoumon!
Oh I love A+Y version. When you get to that point in the game, give Chibi Sanae after she evolves into Sanae a (I think) Sun Stone to become Youkai Hunter Sanae. She sacrifices some of her Sp. Atk and her Speed suffers even more than usual, but her HP and both Defense stats sky rocket and she becomes a monster with Mirror Coat.

Thanks for the advice. I'll take that into consideration. :D
Lavender Town Part 2: Attack of the Ghosts
Even though Patchouli is a Special tank, when you're using Utsuho, you can ignore that. Her base Sp. Atk is high enough that even her Chibi form is capable of OHK Oing a lot of enemies with Flamethrower.
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