Let's Play Touhoumon Aqua+Yui Version


Rai Catches A Touhoumon!

My hands were sweating from the excitement of the battle...The thrill off my first Touhou battle and I won. My heart was racing, I felt like I could do anything.

"That was an awesome battle Rai. But I'll get better in the future and you will to.

"Yeah good luck, we'll see who's the better one."

"You can count on it."

"Prof. Oak where's the best place we can go to train?"

"Well it would be Route 1. Beyond Route 1 is a Gym, each gym has many trainers to fight and the 'Gym Leader', the strongest trainer there. Defeating a Gym Leader will award you with a badge. Get all 8 gym badges and you'll be able to take on the Elite Four, the four strongest trainers of Kanto, for the position of Champion. Good luck on your journey, you two."

"Thanks Professor! Well then I'll be off to Route 1 to catch some Touhou."

-After Route 1-

Hmm I should really get some Touhou orbs first...Meh, too lazy to backtrack to Route 1. How about Route 22 instead?

-At Route 22-

"Now then which Touhou should I catch first?"

Suddenly an old man walks up toward me. "Ah, hello there little missy. Catching Touhous are you?"

"Uh, yes sir."

"Well I used to be quite the trainer when I was your age so how about I give you some tips? 'Weakening a Touhou' or giving it a 'status effect' can increase the chances of catching it. Of course, it's better to learn from experience too but you'll get better as time passes by."

"Thank you sir. I'll keep that in mind."

Now, back to business. Hmm, whatever I find first I'm taking. Out comes a wild 'Mystia'.

"Alright let's do this Reimu!"

"Okay, that man said to weaken it first, so Reimu pound attack!"

A direct hit, it did some damage but I doubt it's weak enough to get captured without a fight just yet. She recovered quickly and countered with Peck.

"Reimu, hang on there! Now use Seal Needle!"

A flurry of needle shaped danmaku is hurled towards the Mystia. She attempts to graze but the bullets are to dense to get passed and she's eventually hit. Trying to get up, it's useless and Mystia cannot move.

"All right she's paralyzed, now's my chance! Go Touhou Orb."

A direct hit, Mystia is hit in the head and enveloped in a red light as it goes into the orb and begins shaking.

"C'mon. C'mon. Come to papa."

Suddenly, the shaking stops, my breathing stops and heart races. No way is it gonna come out. Did I fail the capture?


My heart stopped. I paused and finally realized that I had done it.

"Yes! I caught a Mystia!"
Commentary: Yeah, it took a little longer to update. I've been caught up in some stuff but not able to play much for the past couple of days. The fact that my VBA crashed several times definitely didn't help. I got a little lazy and skipped the parcel part but whatever. The title is an obvious Shout-Out to the Pokemon episode with the (almost) same name, the one where he catches Caterpie if you forget.

Anyway, yeah Mystia's a pretty standard Touhou for your first catch. I nicknamed her Mysty simply because I was lazy with coming up with nicknames. Also not included is me capturing a 'Chibi Sanae' (Give Faith) and 'Chen' (at my friends request I named her Nyan Cat.

Hope you guys'll be looking forward to my next installment.


Oh I love A+Y version. When you get to that point in the game, give Chibi Sanae after she evolves into Sanae a (I think) Sun Stone to become Youkai Hunter Sanae. She sacrifices some of her Sp. Atk and her Speed suffers even more than usual, but her HP and both Defense stats sky rocket and she becomes a monster with Mirror Coat.

hnd03 28th Jul 11
Thanks for the advice. I'll take that into consideration. :D
raigakuren 3rd Aug 11