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Touhoumon Blue is AWESOME!
Part 1 - A more positive start.
Hmm, good question.

...Eh, the ability to make inaccurate but powerful moves more accurate is useful, and Ice/Steel seems like a decent type combo. I'm voting Sakuya.
Yeah, Sakuya seems t be a great choice
Part 2 - Sequence breaking!
Well, having started the hack myself (piece of advice for those that will try it themselves: use the copy of VBA in the hack's folder), I noticed one thing that might come in handy: you can capture all three starters before you hit the Cerulean Gym if you don't sequence break.

So go and pick up a C Marisa in the Viridian Forest and a C Reimu on Route 4!

Also, drop by Route 3 and catch/steal from C Tei (why he went with that spelling of Tewi, I don't know...) until you get a Lucky Egg. It may not be outright needed in this hack, but those are always nice...

And for a bonus, open up the Tohodex.txt file in the hack's directory and scroll down to entry #303 for Blue's opinion on Shedinja mechanics...
Yeah, Hunter seems to have a good idea going on there. Go with what he said.
Yeah, but after that... Go through the gyms/storyline in order, I guess? With side trips to pick up anything needed as it comes up?

See, this is why I dislike the idea of a freeroaming/story-driven hybrid experience like this: I can never figure out if I want to follow the story and use that to get me to the higher level areas, or just explore and grind to get to those higher level areas...
Can't say that I have too much knowledge on Touhou characters, save for their characterization in Touhou Nekokayou and in other Liveblogs. However, I rather like Satori's portrayls, and there's something about Inubashiri Momiji that's led to gaining a few avatars of her...I'm probably not making this easy for you in the slightest, am I? If that's the case, allow me to say that I'm sorry well in advance.

As for gym said H Ms are optional, but it would probably be a good idea to pick up Fly as soon as possible and make hopping from gym to gym a little quickler. Other then that, I'm not sure...maybe take on all of the female gym leaders before the guys, or vice-versa? It just seems a tad odd to have so many options available, and not take advantage of it. Plus, you wouldn't have to do a lot of grinding at once; some for Misty, some for Erica, some for Sabrina, and then knock Brock out in one minute. Alternatively, you could raise a different team from scratch when tackling Brock and show us more evolutions...again, I probably should apologize for all of these ridiculous suggestions, and I'll understand if I'm completely ignored.

Other then that...well, this is a very good Liveblog. Not as much snark as those I usually read, but it's an entertaining exploration of a fascinating world, and the fun you're having definitely shows. Keep up the marvelous job!
Part 3 - A little early for the Safari Zone, isn't it?
Don't know about anyone else, but I'm fine with details either way.

I also would have skipped specifically looking for a Satori; the moveset for her I saw makes her look like a Wobbuffet.

I do not like Wobbuffet.
Hunter1 (edited by: Hunter1)
Part 4 - Woken up by Brock.
Talk about whiplash on that dex entry. Geez.

Also, go with the Witch fossil.
GIG (edited by: GIG)
Trust me GIG, if you read through the dex entries on the darks, you'll notice that a recurring element is that something went wrong with the touhou in question. You'll also notice that the dex entries for the EX levels of the darks tend to make the situation in question hopeless (since it is possible to evolve a chibi or normal level dark touhou to the normal or EX level of the non-dark version through happiness).

As for the fossil... Heads Miko fossil, tails Witch fossil?
You know, it makes sense that Rinnosuke is in the Ditto group...if you ignore things like missiles and birds and just concentrate on the large number of females, that is.

Anyways, it seems like you're still progressing wonderfully. You don't know how glad I am that Momiji and Satori turned out to be useful picks! And as for fossils, while I usually like to tie things up and force Livebloggers to make a choice, I think I'd prefer another magic-wielder over another shrine maiden. Thus, I vote for the Witch fossil.
Part 5 - Meeting ZUN.
The odd thing about ZUN replacing Bill? Guess who the Mew replacement for this hack is!

(If you guessed Jun'ya Ota, you'd be half right...)
Give a Loli a Sun stone, and her hat will eat her?

Still makes more sense then anything Draklacksbrains could think of.
Looks like you're actually having some fun here.
Part 6 - Touhou Underground.
Where are you getting the music for the videos?
For the most part I just look up the songs on youtube and then use to get the music from the videos themselves. It's the easiest way I've found.
...I have nothing to say this installment.

For now...
Part 7 - Abusing protagonist-based privleges.
So are there shiny versions of the Dark Touhou's?
Likely, they'd just be a bitch to find (like shinys aren't already a bitch to find already...).
Part 8 - Bad flashbacks...
And that is why I always get H Ms, even if I don't need them...
Part 9 - A touhou may be able to cut it.
...So, the bosses are giving you more trouble in Blue than the bosses in Insane?

I guess that just goes to prove that proper tweaking will result in more difficult (and more enjoyable) battles than just changing things so they seem difficult...

As for more Touhous... I'm sorta new to the Touhoumon hacks, so part of why I'm following these blogs is to learn what choices I want to make before I get to them. So any suggestions as to what Caper Nerd should grab would be nice...
More Touhou, you say? Well, a part of me says that you've already got a balanced team that can be of use all the way to the Elite Four, that I should be glad that both Satoko and Canada ended up being solid members of that team, and that it would be odd if I was the only one that kept suggesting things. And another part of me wonders just what personality that Rinnosuke of yours has, and which Ghost-type you believe is the best to use in this 'generation'. Probably not too much of a burden to you, right?

Oh, and have I mentioned before that you're doing an excellent job with this thing, being witty and informative without having walls of text that blur together into meaninglessness? Because I think that this is still going just dandy, and that you're a very good gamer.
Part 10 - It had to happen eventually.
Late comment here.But it looks good.
Part 11 - The one in which backs are tracked.
Take a good look at the dex descriptions on the pics for CA Reisen and CA Meiling; if the touhou's dex number is greater than 151, there's a pertty decent chance that you get a dex entry like that. Good thing this isn't the final version of the hack, huh?

And I am about to use a highly scientific method to determine which of the sisters to get... Heads. Toyohime.
question you said you knew where to find dcpatchy in an earliar part i think it was 9, i dont think anyone has dcpatchy atleast as far as i know where do you think she is?
DCPatchy was the hardest to find and I found the oddest of hints that eventually lead me to her, though I'll cover that when I actually get her.

To actually find DCPatchy, you need to first beat the Rocket Base on Five Island. Then, go back and check the cages. I'm not sure if any cage works or if it's a specific cage, but after checking one of them you'll be attacked by a DCPatchouli. You'll want to save beforehand, too. Pretty sure you've got one shot at it.
Part 12 - Is this the Warp Zone?
Huh, I guess I'm odd in that I use a gamepad for these games, but switching USB ports has no actual effect on this sort of thing (and just makes it so you have to quit and restart the emulator to get it to detect the controller again). Bummer, huh?

And yes, flipping a coin is a highly scientific process...
Part 13 - The many paths to Cinnabar.
DON'T do all of the Sevii Islands before fighting the Elite Four the first time by the way. You WILL regret it.

...wait, that was in Renko Version. Not too sure if Blue Version has the same system in place...
Pretty sure it's the same in Blue as well. I think having the National Dex so early is actually what causes it.
Could someone explain to me why you'd regret it?
Normally you can't access islands 4-7 before facing the Elite Four, but in some of these Touhoumon hacks - Blue included - you can. If you complete them, however, the game goes on as if you've already beaten the Elite Four. Thus when you go to challenge the Elite Four, you're facing their Round 2 lineup.
...Ah. Yeah, that would be a bad thing...
And as for how bad, well, having a team where all your mons are lvl. 100 is practically required as that's what the Champion will have.
Part 14 - Finishing up the gyms.
Wow; that Giovanni fight was rather thrilling, if I do say so myself. Nice use of techniques on both sides, with no clear winner until the final moments...not that you'd put up a video of your defeat, I assume. If the Elite Four have an equally tactical squad, you're in for one heck of a challenge, and I'll be cheering for your victory at every step.
Part 16 - Elite Four Round 1.
Part 18 - Go fetch.
From what I remember, the ruby and sapphire had something to do with connecting to... well, Ruby and Sapphire.

And in case you're wondering, why no emerald? Simple, Emerald came out after FR/LG.
If the powered-up Elite Four is like in the Renko/Maribel versions, it would be a good idea to grind those last 45 levels.
Part 19 - Elite Four, Take Two.
UWAH! Signum looks weird :L
Part 20 - Gotta catch 'em all!
I don't have issues with you cheating for that.
Part 21 - Catch the uncatchable.
Doesn't Utsuho have a gun for an arm?
Foot -> Mouth. Though apparently Utsuho has a normal hand and just wears the gun over it. Also, pretty sure Advent Cirno predates SA.
"What is this I don't even..."

I lol'd at THAT.
Part 22 - Trainer Tower.
Well, this was certainly a high note to end things on. Challenges that require tactical knowledge (or at least some type advantages), the collection of the very last Touhou, and we got to see F Rinnosuke in all of his...glory. I'm glad that I had the chance to participate, and I think that your playthrough was entertaining, comprehensive, and intriguing. If you do decide to write another LP, I'll definitely try to catch every update, especially if it's as good as this has been. Happy trails!
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