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Finest Fantasy? Farcical Fuss? A Let's Play of FFXII
You know, my friends and I really enjoyed this game too. A decent amount of character customization thanks to licences, an interesting plot with twists not utilized in previous titles of the series, and (at least for myself, a perfectionist) a ton of sidequests that reveal more about the setting and the backstory of the game.

I'm certainly interested with how this is going to go. Expect me to be reading future updates, and occasionally asking questions about your playstyle.
I've always wanted to play this game, mostly because Yasumi Matsuno worked on it (before his breakdown), and he was one of the people behind one of my favorite games of all time, Tactics Ogre. I'll try to write comments regularly.
Quite enjoying reading this. Makes me feel like picking up and playing the game again. Keep up the good work.
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