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Sanity is Cheap! Let's Play Touhoumon Insane!
Backstory You Don't Care About But Should Know Anyway
Where did you get this rom?
Getting Our First Puppet
Your rival has three healing items and an EX Power (read: X Attack)

Does nothing to increase the difficulty and merely makes things longer and more tedious.

Yup, this is a "difficulty" RPG romhack alright.
All this for the second rival battle!?
Honestly I'd just use an infinite rare candy cheat at this point.

I can't see this being fun AT ALL any other way.
I think I died and went to heaven...
The baka badge?
You're in the 50's already? In a normal Pokemon game, that's about where you reach the Elite Four. In the other Pokemon/Touhou hack, that's probably where you start reaching the last few gyms.

I'm starting to believe that this guy made this as a troll game. Unless he made the level cap 1000 or something. Then he's just an idiot.

I'm still sort of waiting for the troll message/face/act/whatever to appear.
The level cap is still 100 and, no, it's not a troll hack. Though it certainly feels that way at times with the "GRIND MOAR" attitude it has.

Mostly, though, it seems to play out more like the kind of thing you'd expect to find at, only put into the form of an "increased difficulty" rom hack. That'll only become more evident the further I get into this hack. Especially given the trainer I face in the next installment, which I'm looking to have up by tomorrow.
I'm sure you've already figured this out, but the sprite is of Advent Cirno. Yeah, now you know someone is actually still reading this.
Hey there, sailor!
The rate this is going, you're probably going to have to evolve to Last Word before the 5th gym.

And I don't mean by choice, I mean forced if you want to continue as they will deny you access/battle unless you have X many LW's in your party.

And I'm betting that the final boss isn't going to be the rival, but Mr.????

This will of course be after the champion rival battle, in another attempt to create 'difficulty' but more likely just to piss you off.
Flawless Victory
Next thing we know, the levels jump into the 80's for the Gym Leader.
A Gym Leader gets Curbstomped
Trainer battles: 70+ Wild pokemon: 20-30

There are no words.
A bit disappointed...
Actually, Hanyu is a character from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. So she really has no business being in a Touhou game.
GIG (edited by: GIG)
Yeah, the reason you didn't get countless Higurashi related results from Google is that it appears to usually be spelled "Hanyuu" or "Hanyū".

And as to her not having any business in a Touhou game... Well, I'm sorta more accepting of a canon character from a totally different franchise than a out-of-nowhere OC for this franchise. Besides, the way this hack is going, something tells me that's the least of your/our worries...
Hunter1 (edited by: Hunter1)
It's probably a homage to a comic called "Alice's Tea Party", where Hanyu appears in one of the strips. That, and the fact that she shares catchphrases with a certain native god. (A~U~)
I think the grinding is actually the reason the levels were made so much lower upon rematches. He wanted to prevent grinding being made somewhat easier by being able to encounter high-level Touhoumon essentially at will.
Team Rocket's... forest?
All I have to say is WHAAAAAA?!?

Please tell me that no one finds this hack entertaining unironically.
It's like I'm reading some 13-year-old boy's Darker And Edgier Crossover Touhou fic.

Draklrzurleud-I-give-no-fucks hasn't killed Yukari yet, so at least it has that going for that.
He's probably gonna one-up that by killing off the Dragon God.
Gardenia would be so conflicted right now...
Yep, you're wrong; according to Bulbapedia, Aroma Ladies have appeared in R/S/E, FR/LG, and D/P/Pt, meaning that the two regions they don't appear in are Johto and Unova.

Well, them plus Orre and (possibly) any of the regions from the Ranger games, but I'm not counting those...
Bitch Tamia

Keep it classy, Drakulacadodong.
Lotsa ghosts here
I'm now certain that Drakulocks just made a game around a crappy fan fiction that he made. YOUR RIVAL IS NOW EEEEEEEVIL!!! EVERYTHING IS DARK AND SCARY!! THERE IS A MAN WHOSE NAME IS ASS!

And loli fetishism, but lets not talk about that...
GIG (edited by: GIG)
I'm still waiting for the 'lol i troll u' moment to show up. Or the part where the 'game' drops everything and outright threatens to turn you into a bloody smear.

At least be thankful you're not doing a Nuzlocke run of this.
Yep, This game is definetely based on some crappy fan-fiction. And as said before: Be thankful you're not doing a Nuzlocke run of this.
What the heck?
Normally, I'd make a crappy joke here. All I'm going to say this time around is "What the Christ Drakulame?"

Seriously! argh.... It loooks like Hitler has a loli fetish now...

This is... JUST NO! NO! this is Wrong! Wrong is about 152 different ways!
I really shouldn't be defending this rom, but isn't it theoretically possible that Drakuaza meant "a gay campaign" as in a happy campaign? Of course, it would require a level of maturity and linguistic ability that he hasn't shown at all so far, but it could happen... If we give him the benefit of doubt.

Doesn't excuse the rest of this butchering of both the Blazing Hell and Fuchsia City, though.
Omegahugger: You've probably done so since posting the comment in question but all I have to say at this point is... read on!
Lotsa touhous here
Other than the INSANE DOHOHOHOHO capitalization, there wasn't that much stupid crap. Of course that means The-Hack-Maker-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has something INSANELY DOHOHOHOHO stupid coming up in the near future.
I still don't know what's going on!
I have no words. Dumbkuaza managed to screw up writing the plot of a Pokemon game? Seriously?
I'll need to find a working text editor so I can edit all of the immaturity out. I doubt I'll be able to happily play through the game with it all being shoved in my face.
S-Tenshi isn't nude; after all, she's wearing her hat, isn't she? ;-)

How about, for an encore, you try a more normal Touhoumon hack, or at least one that doesn't suck as badly as this one...
I can't decide if I want this "game"'s plot threads to be completed.
I believe Yahtzee would call this a dick move.
I now want to legit throat-punch Drakdumbass now.
ROMHACKS = SRS BSNS amirite or amirite?
Let's stop having fun, guys.
You haven't seen anything yet, guys.

You haven't seen ANYTHING yet. There is one last dick surprise in this hack.

oh god I can't take this mutch longer....
I like how Drakuaza justifies his use of 'Noob Candies' in some of the comments.
Beginning of the End
I have a feeling a extra dickish maneuver is hidden up Drak Von Moron's sleeve just for the endgame, going by his pattern thus far.
An actual challenge to end on?
Your story is better than his. Why couldn't you have made this? Instead, Drak-The-Useless-hack unleashed this crap upon the world.

This proves there is a God. And he hates us.
I told you that he had one last asshole move in reserve for us.

Thankfully, he was as easy to beat as the rest of this entire hack when you use your head.
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