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Role Playing
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new postJourney Through The Multiverse: Ride The Wind (Role Playing)524Sun, 20th Oct '13 3:51:47 PM
new postWho Ya Gonna Call: Ghostbusters Newark RP8Thu, 17th Oct '13 8:56:41 PM
new postWorld of Darkness: The Crossover5Thu, 17th Oct '13 3:11:22 PM
new postHell's Paradise1,710Thu, 17th Oct '13 11:25:29 AM
new postWorld's Ripped Apart and Sewn Together89Tue, 15th Oct '13 5:02:07 PM
new postStar Wars: Omerta115Mon, 14th Oct '13 2:57:26 PM
new postThe Lion's Den: Roleplay Thread154Sat, 12th Oct '13 9:11:27 PM
new postDisney Superheroes - The Game84Sat, 12th Oct '13 8:47:18 PM
new postCrisis, A Capcom/Namco/Sega RP Thread233Thu, 10th Oct '13 10:04:49 PM
new postThe Other World23Fri, 4th Oct '13 9:17:43 AM
new postHeralds: The Pursuit of Darkness513Wed, 2nd Oct '13 8:55:46 AM
new postThe Fall Of Man RP311Sun, 29th Sep '13 2:57:07 PM
new postWarhammer 40k Death Watch hybrid RP182Sun, 29th Sep '13 2:24:12 PM
new postCross Blade Academy Roleplay105Sat, 28th Sep '13 7:18:28 PM
new postFinal Fantasy Infinity Plus89Sat, 28th Sep '13 7:10:50 PM
new postLegend Hunters - The RP Thread85Wed, 25th Sep '13 11:43:41 AM
new postAndalia: Rise of the Dark King7Mon, 23rd Sep '13 11:19:08 PM
new postParanoia401Sat, 21st Sep '13 12:15:13 PM
new postFate/animus logia RP1,221Thu, 19th Sep '13 2:00:14 AM
new postSuper Hero Taisen Battride War3Wed, 18th Sep '13 7:52:45 PM
new postDawn of the Demigods Main Thread48Sun, 15th Sep '13 11:39:52 AM
new post"All's Quiet On The Supernatural Front," A Dresden Files RP203Sat, 14th Sep '13 10:27:45 AM
new postOmni-Duel: A Multi Universal TCG RP61Thu, 12th Sep '13 5:45:20 AM
new postWizards vs Muggles Interludum: Operation Sartre111Sun, 8th Sep '13 8:03:54 PM
new postThe Bureau for Artifact Collection and Storage132Wed, 4th Sep '13 9:53:32 PM
new postSEVER: Another Session42Tue, 3rd Sep '13 10:33:46 PM
new postPersona: Dreaming Puppets230Tue, 3rd Sep '13 4:38:46 AM
new postAnd Heroes Shall Be Summoned!15Sun, 1st Sep '13 9:57:35 PM
new postThe Numbers War (Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXaL RP)190Sun, 1st Sep '13 9:42:29 AM
new postThe Humongous Mecha RP2,182Mon, 19th Aug '13 10:17:43 PM
new postTask Force - A Law Enforcement Cyberpunk/Postcyberpunk RP game59Wed, 14th Aug '13 7:09:50 AM
new postRadio City 2112: An Evil Mastermind RPG1,083Mon, 12th Aug '13 2:56:26 AM
new postHenshin Legends: The Mystics365Sun, 11th Aug '13 7:13:44 PM
new postMahou Shoujo Wars Advent 29Fri, 9th Aug '13 8:52:14 PM
new postMaid RPG - Haldi Estate422Mon, 5th Aug '13 11:36:38 AM
new postParanormal Investigations of the Sumner Teen Sleuths: RP12Mon, 5th Aug '13 6:03:49 AM
new postM.A.D: Migrate, Adapt, Duel -- a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP124Sun, 4th Aug '13 1:56:42 PM
new postServants of those Stronger RP25Sat, 27th Jul '13 10:29:58 PM
new postBeyond the Horizon87Wed, 24th Jul '13 9:50:59 AM
new postEdge Town-High Tide2,306Fri, 19th Jul '13 12:44:47 AM
new postFirst Contact287Thu, 18th Jul '13 8:29:45 PM
new postMedieval Adventures: A Fantasy RP233Thu, 18th Jul '13 7:19:41 PM
new postHero's Arms, Hero's Heart52Sun, 14th Jul '13 8:02:15 PM
new postThe Struggle for Aldaris799Sun, 14th Jul '13 12:03:38 PM
new postThe Imagination War RP15Sun, 14th Jul '13 4:31:28 AM
new postMagic Academy RP2,180Fri, 12th Jul '13 1:03:13 PM
new postGarashria: Age of Evil RP62Wed, 10th Jul '13 11:06:49 PM
new postInnsmouth 17737Mon, 8th Jul '13 1:01:36 PM
new postAvatar: The Last Stand - Roleplay Thread513Mon, 8th Jul '13 9:31:43 AM
new postKamen Rider: The New Life57Sun, 7th Jul '13 7:29:20 PM
new postOne Piece: Blackbeard's Plan.1,192Fri, 5th Jul '13 11:58:13 AM
new postLegends of the Lost6,096Thu, 4th Jul '13 7:14:36 PM
new postThe List3Thu, 4th Jul '13 4:32:30 AM
new postStar Wars: The Curse Of Qalydon416Tue, 2nd Jul '13 11:46:46 AM
new postAll-Around TYPE-MOON: RP FESTIVAL!37Tue, 2nd Jul '13 1:34:15 AM
new postEdge Town-After Hours533Thu, 27th Jun '13 5:11:40 AM
new postStorytellers-RP5Wed, 26th Jun '13 3:46:48 PM
new postGuardians of the Stars64Wed, 26th Jun '13 12:01:24 PM
new postTempest: The Shade War RPG65Mon, 24th Jun '13 4:02:34 PM
new postThe Legend of Artedon: A Fantasy RP98Sat, 22nd Jun '13 8:27:16 PM
new postOn the topic of GMless RPs, such as those inherited from Forum Games 86Sat, 22nd Jun '13 5:02:40 PM
new postVictorian Crossover: 187422Thu, 20th Jun '13 2:44:07 PM
new postFu Sonzai no Genso: Reboot52Thu, 20th Jun '13 1:46:59 PM
new postFate/nexus (Apocrypha Inspired RP)288Tue, 18th Jun '13 11:57:38 AM
new postMyouren Gakuen (Monstergirl Highschool) 43Mon, 17th Jun '13 10:14:02 AM
new postLegends of Aerith26,977Sat, 15th Jun '13 4:36:07 PM
new postDigimon: Waltz of the Damned--The Second Movement249Sat, 15th Jun '13 9:12:32 AM
new postCrossover RP for Original Unused Characters65Mon, 10th Jun '13 5:34:37 PM
new postStar Wars: Rebel Squad RP133Sun, 9th Jun '13 2:56:30 AM
new postPost Apocalyptic Survival 1Mon, 3rd Jun '13 4:39:05 AM
new postTales From Mabase- An FLCL RP4Tue, 28th May '13 12:26:34 PM
new postPersona: Through the Dreamlands18Mon, 27th May '13 7:54:29 PM
new postNeon Genesis Evangelion: The Reboot7Sun, 26th May '13 6:11:21 PM
new postDeath Game: The Floating Castle of Aincrad 45Thu, 23rd May '13 7:46:15 PM
new postImperial Glory: A Grand Conquest Roleplay21Thu, 23rd May '13 11:45:55 AM
new postMaid To Be A Hero - Maid the RPG363Thu, 23rd May '13 9:40:02 AM
new postNew Yale Brotherhood (RPG)18Thu, 23rd May '13 7:12:57 AM
new postApartmentstaid 141Wed, 22nd May '13 3:18:45 PM
new postEast vs. West: A Grand Conquest Role-Play66Tue, 21st May '13 3:27:08 PM
new postFate/replica inverse245Sun, 19th May '13 12:55:21 PM
new postOld World of Darkness RP32Sun, 19th May '13 11:39:20 AM
new postGadget Heroes, GO!357Fri, 17th May '13 11:55:56 AM
new postOn the Misty Streets of Nightmare (RP Thread)12Thu, 16th May '13 6:17:02 AM
new postTouhou 13.9999999: Phantasmagoria of Electric Boogaloo7Tue, 14th May '13 3:08:39 PM
new postMega Man: Bio-Defense Squad8Sun, 12th May '13 12:38:08 PM
new postSonic the Hedgehog Z Roleplay39Sat, 11th May '13 4:40:45 PM
new postPokémon: Battle Dimension - Roleplay Thread151Sat, 11th May '13 9:23:18 AM
new postHeroes of The Ten Kingdoms52Tue, 7th May '13 7:23:46 PM
new postPersona: Digital Guardians202Sat, 4th May '13 2:45:48 PM
new postLast Stand of the Sorcerers40Fri, 3rd May '13 5:45:50 PM
new postTo Aru Kagaku No Sekai30Sun, 28th Apr '13 9:10:52 AM
new postThe Seekers371Sat, 27th Apr '13 10:27:54 PM
new postPersona ~Reflection of Spirits~58Sat, 27th Apr '13 3:16:18 PM
new postSurvival Horror - Second Time429Thu, 25th Apr '13 11:46:05 PM
new postDeep Prison: Maximum Zero RP Thread16Thu, 25th Apr '13 6:46:17 PM
new postGundam School RPG!!131Thu, 18th Apr '13 8:47:01 AM
new postMass Effect: Corporate Warfare RP Thread78Mon, 15th Apr '13 8:54:11 PM
new postThe World of Skara Brae3,218Sat, 13th Apr '13 6:15:49 PM
new postSpecial Operations Unit: Magitech Girls RP Thread12Sat, 13th Apr '13 10:53:46 AM
new postSphaera: Alea Iacta Est134Fri, 12th Apr '13 11:32:00 PM
8 pages in this list
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