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Giving a Big Bad a Freudian Excuse621st Aug 2013 11:12:52 AM
Alchemy in Fiction: What exactly makes it different from Magic1221st Aug 2013 10:15:30 AM
Writing a Romantic Arc320th Aug 2013 07:04:31 PM
Creating a Good Foil220th Aug 2013 05:25:25 PM
What Would Everytown, UK Be Like?819th Aug 2013 04:39:53 PM
Any Australians out there? 7018th Aug 2013 07:11:58 PM
Origin of a Snark Knight716th Aug 2013 05:59:13 PM
Is there a difference between an adaptation and heavily inspired?316th Aug 2013 04:28:30 PM
Top 5 mistakes when males try to write female POV characters?1716th Aug 2013 03:43:21 PM
Any stories about a person who grew up in a divorced family?216th Aug 2013 10:19:38 AM
How Different Are Your Dragons?5913th Aug 2013 11:39:53 AM
Would this be a plausible scenario?513th Aug 2013 06:40:52 AM
Crossdressing and possible unfortunate implications1713th Aug 2013 03:45:57 AM
Help with using Reality Ensues612th Aug 2013 02:28:32 AM
Acceptability of stereotypes in fiction? Steampunk Oliver Twist? 1511th Aug 2013 08:24:03 PM
Smurfette Principle issues2211th Aug 2013 03:36:18 AM
Based on an old rumour meant to discredit a composer?710th Aug 2013 06:12:48 PM
How to avoid annoyingly dumb characters410th Aug 2013 11:09:00 AM
making a character sympathetic (also a new troper)510th Aug 2013 09:02:39 AM
Help with writing a subversion of Never a Self-Made Woman1510th Aug 2013 06:50:17 AM
Help on a Justification for Bottomless Magazines1110th Aug 2013 01:24:53 AM
Writing Male Friendships279th Aug 2013 04:07:35 PM
Exposition Diagrams118th Aug 2013 08:56:14 AM
Advices on comedy-drama57th Aug 2013 04:08:44 PM
How would my character make a good torch?106th Aug 2013 02:22:58 PM
Sociopath hero having character development: Is This Allowed?116th Aug 2013 06:12:21 AM
Action oriented occupation for a post-cyberpunk protagonist126th Aug 2013 05:06:42 AM
The Impossible City - my webcomic36th Aug 2013 02:18:05 AM
Action/Combat Scenes185th Aug 2013 09:38:31 AM
Question on Writing a Good Audience Surrogate324th Aug 2013 04:23:53 PM
Complete Monster Quiz524th Aug 2013 02:56:54 PM
Reconstructing Hardboiled Detective54th Aug 2013 12:25:19 PM
High Epic Psionic Fantasy: looking for advice and inspiration34th Aug 2013 05:18:03 AM
How much is "too much"154th Aug 2013 01:51:28 AM
names for a Bad Guy Bar?292nd Aug 2013 08:27:41 PM
Helpful TVTropes pages?32nd Aug 2013 08:18:58 PM
Lovecraftian Tale... with angels62nd Aug 2013 03:36:39 AM
Critique Request, to Magical Girl fans! :D131st Aug 2013 08:23:57 AM
Titling a Fantasy Novel1331st Jul 2013 07:27:54 PM
7 Days to Earth531st Jul 2013 07:50:59 AM
How often would a bounty hunter get paid?731st Jul 2013 02:36:37 AM
Overcoming creator breakdown430th Jul 2013 07:09:54 PM
A god(dess) of spies3230th Jul 2013 12:45:21 PM
Hey when's the next writing contest?130th Jul 2013 10:33:27 AM
Hmm... is the 'ancient connection to Atlantis' thing overdone... 829th Jul 2013 03:12:44 AM
Keeping characterization of a character consistent1028th Jul 2013 07:22:12 PM
I realize how little I actually know about description828th Jul 2013 01:42:45 PM
Averting/Deconstructing the Second Law of Gender Bending1428th Jul 2013 01:04:31 PM
Body Swapping and Mental Disorders1728th Jul 2013 12:21:42 PM
Peter Pan as a Shonen hero127th Jul 2013 07:40:24 PM
Writing a Period Piece526th Jul 2013 10:21:06 PM
Because of a Nail Arthurian Mythos826th Jul 2013 04:10:40 PM
Finding when your plot has been done1225th Jul 2013 06:15:50 PM
Could this be sold off?1525th Jul 2013 12:38:58 AM
Powell (Feminist Survival Horror Game)7123rd Jul 2013 06:17:01 PM
Writing a Genius Ditz123rd Jul 2013 01:58:29 PM
Puttin' On The Ritz323rd Jul 2013 01:23:54 AM
Is this a good idea for a game script?422nd Jul 2013 09:10:24 PM
Critique, please322nd Jul 2013 08:49:09 PM
"How do I write an 'X'?" - Scriblerian Speaks1922nd Jul 2013 01:44:04 AM
Transhumanism and the Technothriller220th Jul 2013 04:19:45 PM
The Retcon Thread419th Jul 2013 09:54:45 PM
Not Overdoing Politically Incorrect Villiany619th Jul 2013 08:26:08 PM
Could a character's undergarment define their personality?1019th Jul 2013 05:35:50 PM
A female protagonist who dislikes men719th Jul 2013 04:28:10 PM
Novel in Progress - Help Needed3619th Jul 2013 03:41:41 PM
Historical Literature - Research619th Jul 2013 03:33:19 PM
Modern Technothriller Antagonists5219th Jul 2013 10:31:40 AM
State of Matter Magic1118th Jul 2013 05:50:49 PM
A Character who is a Genius Ditz Engineer418th Jul 2013 01:50:00 PM
Best Lessons Learned From Your Biggest Influences1218th Jul 2013 10:01:34 AM
Writing a Character with Panic Attacks1218th Jul 2013 08:20:13 AM
Outline for Volume V217th Jul 2013 06:31:41 PM
Planning on making a web-based mockumentary717th Jul 2013 03:50:28 PM
Space Ragnar Lodbrok- critique this extract please.817th Jul 2013 03:25:07 PM
Help Filling out a Seven-person team317th Jul 2013 12:32:39 PM
Requesting Critique for a Collection of Bed Time Stories217th Jul 2013 04:01:29 AM
Comic Book Fantasy Casting: Admit It, Guys316th Jul 2013 03:05:10 PM
A mail system in a fantasy world916th Jul 2013 02:32:14 PM
Writing a Transgender Character1216th Jul 2013 07:02:00 AM
My random story prompt generator115th Jul 2013 10:04:59 AM
The Official Desecration Video Game Adaptation115th Jul 2013 06:58:42 AM
Writing a play for my old high school drama teacher.214th Jul 2013 09:24:43 PM
Driving a biker gang out of a small town with these skills.1013th Jul 2013 12:57:30 PM
Looking for Comments/Criticism/Feedback412th Jul 2013 05:49:58 PM
A dystopian 2050 Wiki - crazy enough to work?1412th Jul 2013 11:46:23 AM
How does this fantasy bomb work?1011th Jul 2013 07:05:07 PM
Something personal autobiographical...where to start?611th Jul 2013 02:21:39 PM
Writing a story set in a non-English speaking (Most of the time) place511th Jul 2013 01:48:14 PM
Torture scenes in writing1311th Jul 2013 07:19:46 AM
Drawbacks to a certain superpowers?2510th Jul 2013 07:24:26 PM
Is a deconstruction of a story based on real life possible?3510th Jul 2013 05:56:36 PM
Beleivable reason for someone to be buried in out of state graveyard?510th Jul 2013 05:44:33 PM
Feedback on an Inversion of Glorified Sperm Donor410th Jul 2013 05:41:03 PM
Need a foreign city for my story.1110th Jul 2013 05:35:56 PM
Help writing an Chivalrous Pervert type character199th Jul 2013 05:20:36 PM
Character who is an untrained artist58th Jul 2013 08:03:59 PM
How much can a healthy couple argue?78th Jul 2013 01:27:40 PM
Fleshing a Native American Lex Luthor78th Jul 2013 10:26:06 AM
Equiping a female character308th Jul 2013 02:12:37 AM

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