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27th Mar '12 7:02:32 AM ASBusinessMagnet
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* CanonDefilement: '' All the time. Portal 2'' story was completely stashed away as being non-canon, and ''MS Paint Adventures'' apocalypse is actually [[{{Mayincatec}} closer to when you would ''expect'' it to be.]]
* MarySue: Arguably. A few quotes from the author about Mary Sues:
-->'''Have you ever created a Mary Sue/Gary Stu/godmoding character?''' I think? They still just happen to blend into everything.
-->Just took [[http://t.co/R81fkYK8 this Mary Sue litmus test]] on the "Business Magnet" character, and got 78. (But since nearly every other character that I even fail to recognize as a Sue gets more points, that's moderately okay.)
* RonTheDeathEater: ''Portal: The 4th Millennium'' franchise should get a prize for turning ''a HeroicMime'' into the main antagonistic character (as far as protagonists and antagonists go there).
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