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* AmericansHateTingle: The film is not well-liked in Ireland. The main reason is changing most of the characters to Americans, not featuring any Irish actors in big roles and of course terrible FakeIrish accents.
* BetterByADifferentName: Some reviewers accused the film of trying to be ''{{Film/Ghost}}'' without the pottery scene.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Lisa Kudrow got some praise for her role as Denise.
* GirlShowGhetto: In contrast to the book - which got positive reviews - the film fell headlong into it. Dismissed as an overly sappy ChickFlick, reviewers even described it as a date movie that the men would be bored in.
* {{Narm}}:
** "Do all Irish men sing?" - you may as well ask 'do all black men rap?'
** Sharon's "they don't make them like this in the States", said of Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is not at all convincing as an Irishman.
* NarmCharm: Holly's bad karaoke. It's so bad it becomes endearing.
* NeverLiveItDown: If the film is mentioned, it'll be for Gerard Butler's attempt at an Irish accent. He even issued a public apology for it.
* ValuesDissonance: The film was made just as {{Oireland}} portrayals were starting to become SnarkBait in the media, and the film's lack of any notable Irish actors marks it as one made right before a sudden boom in Irish talent making it big in America in TheNewTens. This and ''Film/LeapYear'' are the last remnants of the {{Oireland}} trope played completely straight in mainstream film.
* WTHCastingAgency:
** The biggest one of course is Gerard Butler not only as an Irish man, but as the romantic lead in a rom-com.
** The two Irish actors used in the film - playing Gerry's parents - are meant to be Wicklow-based but have obvious upper class Dublin accents.
** Hilary Swank attracted some backlash for her performance too, as she was best known for emotional dramas (though she had started out doing comedy). This and the failure of ''Film/TheReaping'' did significant damage to her career.
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