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* FairForItsDay: Fuji, the Japanese POW, was often written to the more benign aspects of the Japanese stereotype, but still was a useful member of the cast who gained some character development (or, as much as you can garner [[StatusQuoIsGod in a sitcom]]...). During the last season, the PT-73 Gang meet up with the 442nd RCT, the all-''Nisei'' combat unit fighting in Europe. Even though some HilarityEnsues over Fuji being accidentally "recruited" into the unit (read: to keep Binghampton from realizing they smuggled a POW across half the world, they dressed him in an Army uniform and were trying to palm him off as a detached 442nd member, never suspecting the genuine 442nd were in the vicinity), the 442nd are portrayed as normal Americans doing their job in the war.
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