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* BrokenBase: Viewers can't decide if Ann Bancroft's performance is too hammy and over-the-top, or effective enough for the character she's playing.
* IronWoobie: Everyone wants Jordan to fail and she has to endure all manner of punishment. But she takes it all in stride and just keeps going.
* ParanoiaFuel: The scene where some of the soldiers are taken prisoner - and their captors choose to torture Jordan because they know her comrades would [[WomenAreDelicate hate the sight of a woman being attacked]]. A disturbingly effective tactic that could easily be applied to real life.
* SignatureScene: Jordan shaving all her hair off is easily the most iconic moment in the film.
* SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped: The gender equality anvil is hammered in very hard but it's still a good lesson. Equality means equality - and giving a woman the same treatment expected of a man.
* ValuesDissonance: At one point in the film, the press tries to discredit Jordan on trumped up charges that she is a lesbian and fraternising with women. This references the army's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that existed until 2011 - which meant that gays in the military couldn't be discriminated against as long as they were closeted. If Jordan had been fraternising, she would have broken the law.
* ValuesResonance: The lesson of not giving females PositiveDiscrimination in the name of feminism is a lesson that's still relevant today.
* VindicatedByHistory: The film was met with lukewarm reception when it was released (though it was ''not'' a BoxOfficeBomb - grossing a respectable $90 million worldwide) and Demi Moore won a Razzie Award for it. At the time she was still reeling from the backlash of ''{{Film/Striptease}}'' and a badly received adaptation of ''Literature/TheScarletLetter'' so she had developed a sizeable {{Hatedom}}. This has levelled off in recent years, and many regard this as one of the finest performances of Demi Moore's career.
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